Central Receiving at Bemidji State University accepts all shipments of supplies and equipment that are ordered with BSU purchase orders.

Central Receiving Contact and Location

Location: 124 23rd St NE, #37
Bemidji, MN 56601

Phone: (218) 755-2269

Delivery Operations and Procedures

All deliveries accepted by Central Receiving staff before 2 p.m. are processed and delivered to the BSU departments on the same day, except:

  • packages without Purchase Order information
  • packages that are drop shipped from another warehouse
  • large shipments that require special delivery

Purchasing card orders can also be delayed if Central Receiving cannot determine who the order is for. Personal orders or shipments not related to university business are not allowed through Central Receiving.

Overnight shipments and RUSH orders are processed and delivered on the same day. Exceptions to same-day delivery can be caused by late delivery by the shipper due to weather, no notification that shipment is a RUSH, etc.

If same-day delivery cannot be made due to short staffing situations in Central Receiving, the department will be called and made aware of the shipment and it may be picked up at Central Receiving or other arrangements made.

Damaged Packages

If delivery is received and initial inspection of the outer packing shows damage, Central Receiving staff will make a notation of the damage. It is the responsibility of the department that ordered the goods to resolve damaged orders with the vendor.

If the damaged/broken item(s) are over-sized (furniture, etc.), the item will be kept at Central Receiving, and the department will be notified to come and make an inspection.

Incorrect Items/Counts Received

The department that ordered the goods is responsible for resolving incorrect orders directly with the vendor.

Return Procedures

When a department returns defective/broken/warranty repair items, and the vendor issues a UPS “Call Tag,” departments should box the item (use original box & packing if possible) and make arrangements to have the package delivered to Central Receiving to be held until the “Call Tag” is received from the vendor.

If the item(s) to be returned have a fixed asset inventory sticker or any state markings, the department must contact the BSU inventory coordinator at (218) 755-2776 to have the sticker and/or state markings removed. For more information about inventory policies, see Business Services.

For questions concerning packing, shipping procedures, etc., please call James Williams at (218) 755-2269. For additional information on packing tips, tracking numbers, etc., contact the following companies:

  • UPS or by phone: (800) 742-5877
  • FedEx or by phone: (800) 463-3339

Purchasing Card Orders

Orders placed with a purchasing card must be shipped to Central Receiving. No other campus address nor home address is allowed.

Due to the fact that Central Receiving receives many shipments ordered by purchasing cards and has difficulty determining who placed the orders, as a courtesy, please notify Central Receiving Staff via email of purchasing card orders you are expecting.

Office Supplies

Central Receiving stocks a limited variety office supplies. Please refer to the Central Receiving Office Supplies Order Form.

The Central Receiving office supply order form can be completed to request printer and copier paper, interoffice envelopes and batteries. Additionally, there are several contract sources available for ordering office supplies online, including the MinnState Marketplace, State of MN Innovative Office Solutions Contract and E & I Cooperative Services Staples Advantage Contract. Departments may also purchase name tags, business cards, letterhead and envelopes according to Communications & Marketing specifications by following purchasing and quote guidelines.

Toner Recycling

BSU and NTC have teamed up with Toshiba to recycle imaging consumables from ANY photocopiers, printers or fax machines, keeping them out of landfills. Close the Loop accepts toner cartridges, toner bottles, inkjet cartridges, drums, fusers and more.

Our Mailroom has collection boxes for recycling, so you can send these items there. Please put them in a separate bag or box marked “Toner Recycling” and place them next to your mail bag.

Do not put them in the mailbag, as leaking toner can damage the mail and the bag. It’s an easy way to help the environment!