Day Lockers

Gillett Wellness Center has daily lockers that are available to all current students and members at no charge. A valid user I.D. will be taken in exchange for a key. All lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be used overnight.

Locker Rentals (per semester or year)

The lockers, located along the wall between the dance studio and men’s locker room, can be rented for a fee. Also, additional lockers are available to women in the Wellness Center women’s locker room.  Fees for lockers are $10 per semester or $20 annually.  Rental Lockers are only available to current students and members.


Equipment will be given out in exchange for a valid I.D. The Gillett Wellness Center offers a variety of equipment for no charge.

  • Equipment given out for no charge includes:  jump ropes, basketballs, volleyballs, eye guards, and both racquetball and tennis rackets.