Undergraduate Course Schedule

Each semester there will be a variety of 3000 and 4000 level literature electives offered that may differ from year to year. There is typically at least one author topics course offered every semester, as well as period and genre courses.

The courses below fulfill program requirements. Please review the updated curriculum to see which courses you will need for graduation.

Courses offered every fall:

  • American literature to 1865
  • Technical Writing
  • Seminar in Literary Criticism
  • Elements of Electronic Rhetoric
  • Methods of Teaching English
  • Writing Fiction I
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction I
  • Writing Poetry I
  • Myth
  • BFA Capstone

Courses offered every spring:

  • American Literature 1865-present
  • Writing Poetry II
  • Weblog and Wikis
  • Literature for Young Adults
  • Writing for the Secondary School Teacher
  • Writing Fiction II
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction II
  • Shakespeare and His Age

Courses offered alternate years:

  • English Language (Next offered Spring 2018)

British and World Literature Series: offered consistently as one course per semester.

  • British and World Poetry – Fall 2017
  • British and World Prose – Spring 2018
  • British and World Drama – Fall 2018