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The B.S. in Geography is an integrated, interdisciplinary global studies degree in which students can choose an area of focus through specific electives. The value of spatial awareness and analysis are critical skills for today’s world.

This 57 credit major is an excellent stepping stone to careers in business, governmental and such non-governmental organizations civil or relief organizations throughout the world. The B.S. is also an excellent complement to other studies as a double major. Planning for a double major is easy but requires visiting with your advisors early on. If students select a double major path, they should have an advisor in both areas to help guide their scheduling.

Earth Science Emphasis

Students in the program learn specific geographic techniques and their application on regional, national and global levels.

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GIS Emphasis

GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in just about every industry. The professional world has embraced the power of mapping, benefiting from its use of GIS to visualize, analyze, synthesize and interpret the vast amount of data available.

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Hudson CermakWorking knowledge of spatial principles and geospatial technologies is fundamental to the sustainable management of our forested resources, so my experience in the Geography Department at Bemidji State University was an ideal starting point for my career as a Forester.

Hudson Cermak ’19
Geography, B.S. with emphases in GIS and Natural Resource Planning
Forestry, M.S. at Michigan Tech University ’21

Forest Technician, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Career Outlook

Career Median Salary Outlook
Cartographer and Photogrammetrist $68,380 5%
Environmental Scientist and Specialist $73,230 8%
Geographer $85,430 1%
Geoscientist $93,580 7%
GIS Professional $85,430 1%
Mining and Geological Engineer $93,800 4%
Survey and Mapping Technician $46,200 4%
Urban and Regional Planner $75,950 7%

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