Faculty & Staff

picture of Megan Judge, Patrick Leeport, and Season Ellison
From left to right: Megan Judge (Student Worker), Patrick Leeport (Interim Director of Honors), and Dr. Season Ellison (Director of the Honors Program)

Honors Council

The Honors Program is governed by a Council of 12 Bemidji State University faculty members with specializations ranging from art and design, biology, computer science, criminal justice, library science, music, nursing, social work, theatre, and more. Each Council member is dedicated to fostering innovative cross-disciplinary thinking and guiding student research.

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Season Ellison, Director

Associate Professor, Humanities

A.C. Clark Library 229




Season Ellison (PhD, Bowling Green State University) directs the Honors and Liberal Education Programs at Bemidji State University. She produces and directs new plays, both on campus and across the nation, with various organizations. Her research explores the intersections of daily life performance, theatre performance, tourism, American popular culture, and “wild west” mythology. She is a long-time member of the National Collegiate Honors Council Place as Text (PAT) Committee, which explores experiential educational pedagogy. She has authored two book chapters about PAT education that will be published in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. Other publications appear in Theatre Journal, Theatre Annual, Theatre Survey, and Theatre Southwest.

Professor Spotlight

Colleen Deel

Colleen Deel has served as the Interlibrary Loan and Collection Management Librarian at Bemidji State University since 2017. Her research interests include critical library pedagogy and library collection strategies. She holds a Master’s of Library and Information Science from Kent State University (2011) and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bemidji State University (2020).

Colleen will be joining the honors program to teach a course in Fall 2021!

Ashik Shafi

Ashik Shafi’s research areas include media coverage of foreign events, and the use of new communication technologies in journalism and mass communication.

His education includes a Ph.D. degree from Wayne State University (2017), a master’s degree from Texas Tech University, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research has been published in the Journal of Mass Communication Quarterly, Newspaper Research Journal and Communication Booknotes Quarterly, and he has presented at conferences such as AEJMC, NCA, ICA and CSCA.

Ashik has taught classes on media writing, public relations, copy-editing, and research methods in communication. He has three years of experience in newspaper and public relations agency.

Dr. Shafi will be joining the honors program to teach a course in Spring 2022!

Student Work Opportunities

Honors Program students have opportunities to work as administrative assistants in the Program office and also to take a leadership role in the Program by serving on the Student Steering Committee.