The Honors Program is governed by a Council of 12 Bemidji State University faculty members with specializations ranging from art and design, biology, computer science, criminal justice, library science, music, nursing, social work, theater and more. Each Council member is dedicated to fostering innovative cross-disciplinary thinking and guiding student research.

Our Mission

The Honors Program hosts an intellectually challenging, supportive environment featuring interdisciplinary active learning and a rigorous, dynamic curriculum. Faculty and students work together to gain new understandings and interests, engage in dialog, analyze ideas, practice creative and unconventional thinking and cultivate habits that lead to life-long learning.

Our Faculty & Staff

Patrick LeeportPatrick Leeport
Interim Director of the Honors Program
Associate Professor
A.C. Clark Library 325
Phone: (218) 755-2957
Field: Library & Library Services

Season EllisonDr. Season Ellison
Associate Professor
A.C. Clark Library 229
Phone: (218)-755-3355
Field: Humanities

Owen Besancon
Office Manager
A.C. Clark Library 230
Phone: (218) 755-3984
Box 23

Seminar Professor Spotlight

Shaawano UranShaawano Uran
Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies
American Indian Resource Center 111
Phone: (218) 755-2590
Box 21

Stephen HamrickStephen Hamrick
Professor of English