Are you ready for an exciting and challenging opportunity in your senior year? The Honors capstone is your chance to research a topic of your choice and create a unique project that showcases your skills and knowledge.

As an Honors student, you’ll work directly with a faculty adviser to determine the topic of your capstone project. Past students have tackled everything from research papers and informational pamphlets to formal presentations, poetry, music recitals, fiction, artwork portfolios and more. This is your chance to make a lasting impact, show off your hard work and leave your mark on the university.

No matter your major, every Honors student completes a capstone project by graduation, so pick a subject you’re passionate about!

Capstone Process

The capstone process involves two semesters of courses: one on preparation and one on presentation. During the preparation course, you’ll work closely with your adviser to select a topic and develop a research plan that works best for you. The presentation course allows you to share your research with your committee and the Honors community at the Honors Stoling Ceremony.

The overall steps for completing your capstone are:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Work closely with a faculty advisor to craft a proposal
  3. Submit the capstone proposal for review
  4. Conduct your capstone research
  5. Present your capstone research to your committee
  6. Share your research with the Honors community at the Honors Stoling Ceremony