Honors applications are evaluated holistically. This means that we do not have minimum requirements. Instead, community members are selected based on the combination of all application pieces: GPA, percentage of high school class, testing scores, etc.

Thus, the personal statement is a crucial component of your application because it shows us why you’d like to learn with us and what you believe you can contribute to Honors. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the Honors Program application form.
  2. Submit a personal statement: In two to three paragraphs, outline why you want to join a community whose focus is on making interdisciplinary connections, championing academic excellence and serving as future leaders in our communities. Remember our four program ideals: inquire, connect, transform and share. What might you offer to this community, and how do you believe the community might help you grow as a citizen-scholar?
  3. You may copy and paste the statement into the online application or submit the statement via email to honors@bemidjistate.edu.