Hobson Memorial Union Posters – Banners – Table Tents Total Of 22 Posters

The Following Must Appear on All Postings

  1. Name of sponsoring organization/department
  2. The ADA Statement: “If you need an accommodation for this program/event, please contact Accessibility Services office (Decker Hall 202) at (218) 755-3883. If an interpreter is needed, two weeks’ notice is requested.


All posters must be approved by HMU personnel and may not exceed 14″ x 22″. Exceptions must be approved by an HMU staff member. Posters may be placed at the designated locations only, or by special arrangement approved in advance by HMU Staff. No materials may be attached to the outside of buildings, doors, walls or windows or on cars in university lots.

Posters involving sales of any kind (bake sales, candy sales, entrance fees, donations, even if the event is off campus), will not be approved until the student organization has submitted a fundraising application through Beaver Link and received an approval notification from HMU Staff. Refer to ‘posters and publicity’ under the policies and procedures in the student guide for additional requirements.

Five posters will be stamped and distributed by HMU personnel:

  • 1 – Circular stand outside of Crying Wolf
  • 1 – Library Hall tunnel
  • 1 – Information Desk Level at Terrace Lounge entrance
  • 1 – Sent to Office of Communications & Marketing
  • 1 – Sent to Northwest Technical College

Additional Posters

Up to 17 will be stamped and returned to the group for distribution in the academic buildings. Each entry is noted to the right as to how many posters can be hung in each building.

  • 1 – AIRC Entryway
  • 2 – Bensen Hall
    • 1 – 3rd floor near student lounge and vending
    • 1 – Tunnel entrance 1st floor near #131
  • 1 – Bridgeman Hall 2nd floor near #201
  • NONE – Hagg Sauer
  • NONE – Memorial Hall
  • 1- Library main floor entryway
  • 1 – Decker Hall across from #107
  • 1- Recreation center, outside women’s locker room and by tunnel
  • 1 – Physical Education building main floor near the gym entrance
  • 3 – Deputy Hall
    • 1 – 1st floor in the north end stairwell
    • 1 – 2nd floor south end near KBSB
    • 1 – 2nd floor near tunnel
  • 4 – Sattgast Hall
    • 1 – 3rd floor past main entrance near #348
    • 1 – 2nd floor between men’s bathroom and #208
    • 1 – 2nd floor between women’s bathroom and #208
    • 1 – 1st floor between #108 and #109
  • 2 – Bangsberg Hall
    • 1 – 1st floor near student lounge
    • 1 – top of north stairs on 2nd floor

Posters to be placed in residence halls must be brought to the Residential Life Office. They will accept 40 BSU posters and will take 6 personal posters stamped as “Housing & Residential Life.”


Banners may not exceed 5 ft. x 3 ft. and are brought to the Information Desk for approval and posting by HMU personnel:

  • 1 – Lakeside Seating area on the wall across from the promotion & sales tables.
  • 1 – Library Hall/Tunnel bulletin board. A banner may be placed in Walnut Hall with approval from Residential Life.

We recommend that banners not be hung more than 2 weeks prior to the event. If they are, HMU reserves the right to remove any due to space limitations.

Table Tents

The table tent is a tri-fold design with 9 available spaces. Information to be placed on the table tent must be received by Union Staff no later than 9:00 a.m. the Wednesday of the preceding week you would like your announcement to run. An online form for table tent requests can be found on BeaverLink through the MYBSU portal. Table tents will be distributed by Union Staff the Sunday evening the week you would like the event advertised. No Individual Table Tents Are Allowed.

Limitations and Items Not Allowed

  • 2 boards are available for personal notices within the HMU, and 7 in the Residential Life area. These also need to be approved, and will be hung for 2 weeks.
  • HMU will not approve for posting any flyers, banners or personal notices which advertise or promote the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  • Posters, banners and table tents will be posted for a period of two weeks. No exceptions!

Updated 7/18/23