The Hobson Memorial Union Information Desk maintains a lost and found for the campus. The following policy will be adhered to regarding items turned in to the lost and found:

All items turned in to the desk will be logged and tagged with the date the item was turned in. The items will be stored at the desk for the day, and secured in a locked area each night. Items will be held no longer than 30 days. Persons must sign for any item they retrieve from the Information Desk.

  • BSU ID Cards: A message will be sent to the student’s BSU email to inform them that their ID was turned in to the desk. The ID card will be shredded after 30 days. Please note: Replacement ID’s are $20.00.
  • Credit Cards/wallets/ purses: Every effort will be made to contact the owner. Credit Cards will be shredded after 30 days. The contents of wallets and purses will be destroyed or donated.
  • Cell phones: Will be recycled after 30 days.
  • Clothing, books, notebooks, other personal items: Will be donated or destroyed after 30 days.
  • Other items will be donated or destroyed

Bemidji State University’s Department of Public Safety Department may also have Lost and Found items. They are located in the lower level of Walnut Hall, and can be reached at (218) 755-3888.