Exploring Management Issues Impacting America’s Aquatic Ecosystems

Dr. Andrew Hafs, assistant professor of biology at Bemidji State University, has traveled the country researching interactions between animal populations and aquatic environments. He will share his experiences studying factors that negatively impact these aquatic ecosystems and management techniques that can be used to correct them as part of BSU’s Honors Council Lecture Series.

Butch Holden Reflects Optimism Through Ceramic and Print Work

Butch Holden, professor of technology, art and design at Bemidji State University, will display a collection of work reflecting nature, growth and change in a show called “Optimism” at BSU’s Talley Gallery, beginning Nov. 3.

Megan Zothman Named Chief Human Resource Officer

Megan Zothman has been named chief human resource officer for Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College. She has been a human resources specialist in Bemidji State’s Office of Human Resources since March 2014.

Biology Professor Guides Undergraduates Through Real-World Cancer Research

For the last 25 years, Dr. Mark Wallert, associate professor of biology at Bemidji State University, has guided undergraduates through real-world research experiences that have shown them what it means to be working scientists. As a new member of its biology faculty, Wallert is running his cancer research team at BSU for the first time this fall.

Students, Staff and Faculty Participate in the Annual Health Fair

Bemidji State held its annual All-Campus Health Fair, sponsored by the Living Well – Working Well committee, Oct. 21 in the Beaux Arts Ballroom. Students, faculty and staff sampled products, participated in a variety of health assessments, viewed demonstrations and talked with a number of local service vendors.The fair also gave students, faculty and staff a chance to get a free flu shot or a cholesterol screening, and students had free access to a number of immunizations. The fair also featured a farmer’s market and craft sale.

Art and Design Faculty Participating in Bemidji’s 2015 Studio Cruise

Bemidji State University faculty members Natalia Himmirska and Butch Holden will showcase their artwork as a part of the First City of Arts: Studio Cruise, Oct. 16-18. Download Studio Cruise ’15 brochure & map (PDF) Bemidji’s Studio Cruise provides the public a unique opportunity to witness, learn about and discuss the creative process with 30 […]

BSU Professor Explores Concussions at Honors Council Lecture Series

While most of the attention on the issue of concussions in sports has been focused on football, any athletic   activities that involve collisions or potential impacts to the head bring with them a risk of concussion. Dr. James White, associate professor of human performance, sport and health at Bemidji State University will be co-presenting on the current state of concussion research as part of the university’s Honors Council Lecture Series.