Bemidji State University provides parking facilities in an effort to meet the needs of faculty, staff, students and visitors. Because of limited space, parking on campus is not guaranteed.

Anyone operating or parking a vehicle on campus is responsible for being familiar with and complying with all traffic and parking regulations. Drivers are expected to know and abide by all motor vehicle regulations and to assume all responsibility for any damage to vehicles while they are operated or parked on Bemidji State University property.

Regulations have been developed to encourage orderly parking, easy movement of traffic, pedestrian safety and access for emergency vehicles. The Department of Public Safety staff has the authority to enforce these regulations and will issue parking violations.

Parking Resources

Parking Sections

  • Bangsberg;: 391 stalls
  • Lake Blvd: 42 stalls
  • AIRC: 29 stalls
  • Limited Reserved: 37 stalls
  • Birch: 74 stalls
  • Linden: 71 stalls
  • Cedar 26 stalls
  • Oak 478 stalls
  • Rec. Lot 98 stalls
  • Upper PE lot 176 stalls
  • Lower PE lot 45 stalls
  • Walnut 134 stalls