Weapons Storage

In order to protect residents and guests from accidental injury, the University prohibits the use or possession of weapons or munitions in the residence halls. Weapons include, but are not limited to, guns of any type (including paintball, BB and stun), ammunition, knives, spears, arrows, clubs, swords, nunchuks, etc.

However, the Department Housing and Residential Life located in lower Walnut Hall offers and maintains a secure weapons storage facility at no expense to on-campus resident students. To receive a weapons storage locker the student must agree and sign the Weapons Storage Agreement/Contract and return it to the Housing and Residential Life office.

Each time the student wishes to gain access to the assigned storage locker the student is required to furnish the photo ID to the Public Safety office in exchange for the key.

Note: For complete information regarding weapons regulations on campus, please refer to the Firearms and Dangerous Weapons policy.