In order to protect residents and guests from accidental injury, the university prohibits the use or possession of weapons or munitions in the residence halls. Weapons include, but are not limited to, guns of any type (including paintball, BB and stun), ammunition, knives, spears, arrows, clubs, swords, nunchuks, etc.

However, Housing and Residential Life located in lower Walnut Hall offer and maintain a secure weapons storage facility at no expense to on-campus resident students. To receive a weapons storage locker the student must agree and sign the Weapons Storage Agreement/Contract and return it to the Housing and Residential Life office.

Each time the student wishes to gain access to the assigned storage locker, the student is required to furnish their photo ID to the Public Safety office in exchange for the key.

Firearm and Weapons Policies

The following is Bemidji State University’s policy regarding firearms and dangerous weapons on campus. This policy was developed for the safety of the campus community. This policy is consistent with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.21 “Possession or Carry of Firearms.”


All students and employees are prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm, pistol or dangerous weapon on property owned, leased or operated by Bemidji State University. Employees are further prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm, pistol or dangerous weapon while acting in the course and scope of their employment, either on or off Bemidji State University property, regardless of whether the employee has a permit to carry a firearm.

Additionally, students are prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm, pistol or dangerous weapon while representing or participating in any activity sanctioned or recognized by Bemidji State University, either on or off campus.


Possessing or carrying a firearm, pistol or dangerous weapon is allowed in certain circumstances and locations on campus.

Parking Facilities

Campus parking facilities are exempt from this policy, but Federal, State and local ordinances regarding the possession or carry of a firearm, pistol or dangerous weapon are applicable.

Licensed Peace Officers

Persons who are licensed peace officers under Minnesota Statutes section 626.84, subd.1(c) and are acting in the official performance of their assigned duties.

Weapons Storage Area

Bemidji State University has established a weapons storage area located in lower Walnut Hall. The storage area is the only physical campus space where firearms may be stored. All firearms stored in this area must be unloaded and completely enclosed in a case. The storage area is regulated by the Department of Public Safety. Storage lockers are assigned upon request and completion of the “Weapons Storage Agreement.” Firearms that are unloaded and completely enclosed in a case may be transported directly to and from the weapons storage area to any campus parking facility.

Academic Use

Lawful possession or carry of a firearm or pistol related to an academic use approved in writing by the President of Bemidji State University.

Lawful Possession or Carry

Possession or carry of a pistol by a visitor who has a lawful permit to carry a pistol pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 624.714, subd 1a.

Policy Violations

Violations of this policy should immediately be reported to the Department of Public Safety. For the safety of the campus community, all faculty, staff and students at Bemidji State University have a responsibility to report any violation they become aware of.

Student Violations

Students that violate this policy will be referred to the University Conduct Officer. Depending on the nature of the violation, sanctions may be imposed by the University Conduct Officer, which include, but are not limited to, suspension and expulsion.

Employee Violations

Employees who violate this policy will be processed through appropriate disciplinary channels, which ultimately may result in termination.

Visitor Violations

Visitors that violate this policy will be asked to leave the campus and may be permanently restricted from campus.

All violations of this policy which are also violations of the law will be referred to law enforcement officials. This policy and violations of the law are two separate processes and may be initiated simultaneously and have individual sanctions and consequences.