The Department of Public Safety provides a wide variety of services that we encourage our students, faculty and staff to use.

Any members of the BSU campus community who wish to report safety suggestions, hazards, concerns or unsafe workplace can do so by filling out the Health & Safety Form. Once complete, please print the form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

Services We Offer

During non-business hours, the Department of Public Safety and custodial staff are responsible for unlocking/locking academic interior doors.

Keyless Entry Staff (Deputy Hall, (218) 755-3399) are responsible for any changes to all exterior doors. Those requests must be submitted and approved in advance by

Any interior unlock requests must be submitted to

Any unauthorized or unapproved reservations will be denied.

The Department of Public Safety offers a limited campus escort service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year free of charge.

Depending on availability and circumstances, walking or vehicle escorts are provided to any campus location, as well as parking lots and streets that are directly adjacent to campus.

This service is available by contacting the Public Safety office at (218) 755-3888 or stopping by the Public Safety office in lower Walnut Hall.


The Department of Public Safety has two jumpstart packs available for students, faculty, staff and visitors or guests of the University — at no cost.

Anyone requesting to use a jumpstart pack must provide an acceptable picture ID, then complete and sign a waiver form at the Public Safety office in lower Walnut Hall. The individual checking out the jumpstart pack is responsible for proper operation of the unit. All Public Safety staff are prohibited from providing any jumpstart or other vehicle services.

Lost and found areas on campus:

  • Public Safety, (218) 755-3888
  • Hobson Memorial Union, (218) 755-3760
  • Gillett Wellness Center, (218) 755-4135

Individuals seeking information related to lost and found property are asked to make contact with these offices. If the property is not located, the owner should make contact with the Public Safety office to file a lost property report.

Individuals retrieving any found property from the Public Safety office are required to provide a picture ID, describe the property accurately and complete a Release of Recovered Property Form. Any found property on campus or property believed to belong to any member of the university are asked to file a report with the Public Safety office.

Public Safety keeps found property for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, the property is subject to donation or disposal.

Physical security technology includes any device or software installed on any property or facility.

This includes computers and computer networks owned or operated by Bemidji State University or Northwest Technical College with the intent to detect, monitor or control inappropriate activity, control access or provide campus emergency notification.

Any group that is considering installing any type of physical security technology as described above on any property owned by BSU or NTC are required to consult with the director of Public Safety. Any physical security technology item as described above that is installed without prior consultation with the director of Public Safety may be subject to removal without notice.

The Department of Public Safety is the campus department authorized to employ personnel who can provide public safety services for Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College.

Any entity scheduling, renting or leasing space on campus to promote an event may be required to have a security presence at the event as determined by the Department of Public Safety. The University Scheduling Office and Athletic Department are responsible for informing the Department of Public Safety whenever they receive a request for space, or schedule an event that fits the above mentioned criteria. A fee for public safety services provided will be assessed to the campus department or organization, or to the responsible non-campus entity sponsoring the activity or event.

In order to protect residents and guests from accidental injury, the University prohibits the use or possession of weapons or munitions in the residence halls.

Housing and Residential Life located in lower Walnut Hall offer and maintain a secure weapons storage facility at no expense to on-campus resident students. To receive a weapons storage locker the student must agree and sign the Weapons Storage Agreement/Contract and return it to the Housing and Residential Life office.