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"'The BSU English professors are truly passionate about helping their students succeed. They create a wonderful learning environment that helps me feel free to explore my own beliefs and values."

- Mary C. English Education B.A. 

English Department Faculty

Larry Swain, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor of English
Western Michigan University
University of Illinois, Chicago

Mark R. Christensen, MFA, PhD

Professor of English
Minnesota State University, Moorhead
University of Minnesota

Associate Professor of English
University of Georgia

Brian R. Donovan, DA

Professor of English
State University of New York

Maureen Gibbon, MFA

Associate Professor of English
University of Iowa

Assistant Professor of English
St. Cloud State University
Goddard College

M.C. Morgan, PhD

Professor of English
Bowling Green State University

Carol Ann Russell, MFA, PhD

Professor of English
University of Montana
University of Nebraska

Professor of English
University of Manitoba
  • Office HS330
  • Phone: 218.755.3355

Jessica Durgan, PhD

Assistant Professor of English
Texas A&M University
  • Office: HS 353
  • Phone: 218.755.2812

Donna Pawlowski, PhD

Associate Professor of Speech Communication
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
University of North Dakota
  • Office: HS 348
  • Phone: 218.755.2487


Professor Susan J. Scrivner, PhD
Florida State University
Professor Deanna Evans, PhD
Case Western Reserve University

Professor Stephen Gurney, PhD
University of Maryland

Dept. Chair Susan Carol Hauser, MFA
Bowling Green State University

Tulane University

Professor Carol Porterfield Milowski, PhD
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professor Will Weaver, MA
Stanford University