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Explore your options!

You want to be a Peace Officer, a court administrator or a private investigator, security specialist or customs inspector. Or maybe you would like to be a youth counselor working with teens in rehabilitation programs. Perhaps law school or graduate school is in your future or maybe you haven't set a direction yet, but want to explore a criminal justice degree. Bemidji State University can help you consider your options in a field with exciting opportunities.

Be a leader!

Develop the knowledge, values and ethics needed to become a successful leader and professional by studying criminal justice within Bemidji State's liberal arts framework. In a complex world we believe the ability to think critically in multiple disciplines is more important than ever.

Gain real-world experience!

Internships provide valuable experiences, insights and connections as you near the end of your studies. Options may include work with law enforcement agencies, probation, the court system, security operations or just about anything that fits your career goals. Internships are usually completed the summer between your junior and senior years.

Academics: Choose a track that fits

Criminal justice majors choose from one of four concentrations of study:

Law enforcement with an internship

If you want to be a licensed Peace Officer (police officer, Deputy Sheriff, State Trooper, Conservation Officer or other professional charged with upholding the law) this track prepares you for entry into this field. By completing the Criminal Justice Degree at Bemidji State University you meet the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST) academic requirements.

Corrections with internship

If you want a career in probation, counseling, court services, correctional facilities and legal assistance this track prepares you for entry into this field.

Criminal justice with internship

If you want to be involved in policy making, security planning, management services, legal services and planning within criminal justice agencies this track will prepare you for entry into this field.

Criminal justice without an internship

This is another option if you plan to pursue an advanced degree in law, criminal justice or other fields; or just need more flexibility.

Dedicated Faculty

BSU Criminal Justice Faculty and Staff are dedicated to your success and provide personal attention to help you reach your goals. You will find them willing to listen when you want a little advice or just an opportunity to chat. In addition to holding doctorate degrees, our criminal justice professors have professional experience in diverse capacities from administration, policing and practicing law. That combination of academics and experience leads to relevant and engaging dialogs in the classroom and beyond.