D2L Updates

D2L Brightspace Updates

September 16, 2021 Highlights

  • Allowable file extensions can be set to restrict student file submissions that are uploaded to Assignments.
  • Updated grading labels display when connecting Assignments to Grades using the new assignment creation experience.
  • Pronouns may be set to appear on user profile cards in Discussions and Assignment Submissions.
    (Note that personal pronouns do not appear in other Brightspace tools, such as the Classlist or Grades.)
  • Release conditions can now be exported from and imported in Brightspace course packages.
  • Criteria groups can be copied and deleted in rubrics. Rubric statistics are more easily accessible when evaluating student work in Assignments and Discussions.
  • KA  2316 and 2315 for students for faculty

August 19, 2021

  • New Assignment Evaluation Experience will be on at all sites, no more toggling back to old experience
  • New HMTL editor (available since August 9)
  • Opt-in to New Discussion Evaluation Experience (similar to New Assignment Evaluation Experience)
  • KA  2312 for students
  • KA  2311 for faculty

July 15, 2021

  • Teachers can now select or create an assignment category when creating an Assignment folder using the new creation experience
  • Text, Calculated, and Formula grade item types can now be placed within grade categories
    (Note these grade items don’t contribute to grade category or final grade totals)
  • The Quiz Introduction field is no longer available and any Introduction text is automatically appended to the Description field
  • KA  2303 for students
  • KA  2302 for faculty

June 2021

  • KA 2299 for students
  • KA 2298 for faculty

May 2021

  • KA 2295 for students
  • KA 2294 for faculty


Report any D2L Brightspace issues to the MinnState IT service desk.