September 21 Highlights

  • Synchronous Quizzing: Instructors can now enable synchronous quizzing on a Brightspace quiz.
  • KA 2456 for students
  • KA 2455 for faculty

August 17 Highlights

  • Announcements: Teachers can now pin announcements to the top of the widget on their course homepage.
  • Class Progress: The absent period is now available under last accessed, helping teachers better understand a student’s course access.
  • Rubrics: Rubric pop-outs now provide teachers the activity details, such as the activity name, course name, and student name.
  • KA 2452 for students
  • KA 2451 for faculty

July 20 Highlights

  • Discussions: A hover tooltip is now provided for start and end availability dates (teachers and students)
  • Quizzes: New Quiz Creation Experience is default/only experience (teachers)
  • Quizzes: Quiz Timing/Taking Changes (teachers and students) with resources including an 8-minute video for teachers and an 8-minute video for students
  • KA 2446 for students
  • KA 2445 for faculty

June 15 Highlights

  • Assignments: A hover tooltip is now provided for assignment start and end availability dates for teachers and students.
  • Chat: The Chat tool will be permanently retired on December 31, 2023. Those using Chat will need to move to an alternative tool, such as Instant Message or Discussions.
  • Course Import/Export: Teachers may include Gradebook settings and some Groups in course export packages and import them back into D2L Brightspace
  • KA 2439 for students
  • KA 2438 for faculty

May 18 Highlights

  • Assignments: Instructors may now choose from three availability date settings for assignment start and end dates.
  • Awards: Instructors now specify criteria for student achievement of badges and certificates.
  • KA 2434 for students
  • KA 2433 for faculty

April 20 Highlights

  • Instructors can opt-in to Discussion new create/edit experience
  • Students see context-sensitive message when exiting a quiz in mid-attempt
  • KA 2424 for students
  • KA 2423 for faculty

March 16 Highlights

  • School logo displays on printed graded rubric
  • Awards in Brightspace can be shared directly to LinkedIn
  • Improved filtering and searching in Org Unit management
  • KA 2418 for students
  • KA 2417 for faculty

February 16 Highlights

  • Quizzes: Add availability dates to Calendar
  • Quizzes: Additional Paging options: 5 or 10 questions per page
  • KA 2413 for students
  • KA 2412 for faculty

January 19 Highlights

  • Brightspace Pulse: You can view topic descriptions in a web view that displays rich text and preserves links.
  • Email: When emailing within D2L Brightspace, students will be limited to 500 daily recipients.
  • Release Conditions: A new release condition – Replies Only – is now available for discussions.
  • Rubrics: In Assignments and Discussions, instructors now use the Publish or Save as Draft options to save the rubric evaluation changes.
  • KA 2405 for students
  • KA 2404 for faculty

December 15 Highlights

  • Awards: public URL link includes a footer and a link to D2L’s web site
  • Readspeaker available in Discussions for those schools with Readspeaker license
  • KA 2401 for students
  • KA 2400 for faculty

November 17 Highlights

  • Awards: students can share award achievement using public URL link
  • Pulse app: quickly access Notifications tool in Brightspace from Settings
  • Rubrics: Clarify grading criteria by editing text fields in assessed (locked) rubrics
  • KA 2396 for Instructors
  • KA 2397 for Students

October 20 Highlights

  • Pulse app: quick access to full content module descriptions and new ability to toggle off push notification from Settings
  • Grades: automatic removal of duplicate unused grade schemes in grades
  • KA 2392 for Instructors

September 15 Highlights

  • Pulse app: removal of ability to add a date manually to Work To Do
  • Quizzes: defaults to no time limit, instructors can add a time limit if desired
  • KA 2387 for instructors

August 18 Highlights

  • Assignments: undo/redo in Annotations, filter defaults to show all student submissions
  • Quizzes: ability to restore a deleted quiz (includes quiz and attempts)
  • KA 2384 for instructors

July 22 Highlights

  • Updated multi-filtering options in Discussions and Quick Eval tools
  • Copy Grades only copies unique or in-use grade schemes
  • Turnitin/Assignments: updated panel options and terminology
  • KA 2378 for instructors

June 16 Highlights

  • Classlist displays personal pronouns if set by user
  • Copy Assignments to Multiple Courses
  • Quiz Creation opt-in/opt-out of new experience
  • Fixed Issue: Zero no longer displays in Assignments score field
  • KA 2373 for Instructors

May 19 Highlights

  • Darker Default Font Color for Accessibility
  • Detailed File Upload Error Message
  • Updated Login Page
  • Fixed Issue: Teacher preview of student’s grades includes link to graded rubrics
  • KA 2370 for Instructors

April 21 Highlights

  • Intelligent Agents:
    • new layout with collapsible/expandable sections
    • Ability to schedule a one-time run
    • Ability to schedule hourly runs
    • Scheduling includes a time in addition to a date
  • KA 2366 for instructors

Other April Updates

March 21 Update

March 17 Highlights

  • Announcements – Create new announcements quickly with new Copy option
  • Aesthetic change to show/hide interface
  • KA for instructors

Report any D2L Brightspace issues to the MinnState IT service desk.