D2L Brightspace Updates

July 22 Highlights

  • Updated multi-filtering options in Discussions and Quick Eval tools
  • Copy Grades only copies unique or in-use grade schemes
  • Turnitin/Assignments: updated panel options and terminology
  • KA 2378 for instructors

June 16 Highlights

  • Classlist displays personal pronouns if set by user
  • Copy Assignments to Multiple Courses
  • Quiz Creation opt-in/opt-out of new experience
  • Fixed Issue: Zero no longer displays in Assignments score field
  • KA 2373 for Instructors

May 19 Highlights

  • Darker Default Font Color for Accessibility
  • Detailed File Upload Error Message
  • Updated Login Page
  • Fixed Issue: Teacher preview of student’s grades includes link to graded rubrics
  • KA 2370 for Instructors

April 21 Highlights

  • Intelligent Agents:
    • new layout with collapsible/expandable sections
    • Ability to schedule a one-time run
    • Ability to schedule hourly runs
    • Scheduling includes a time in addition to a date
  • KA 2366 for instructors

Other April updates

March 21 update

March 17 Highlights

  • Announcements – Create new announcements quickly with new Copy option
  • Aesthetic change to show/hide interface
  • KA for instructors

February 17 Highlights

  • D2L logo branding updated in Brightspace
  • Print and Download buttons accessible in full screen view of Content
  • Accessibility improvements with new Attributes menu in Content web page HTML topics
  • Bulk edit of intelligent agents enables organizing agents by category and quick access to edit names and enable/disable agents
  • KA 2352 for instructors

January 20 Highlights

  • Improvements to Date Picker for date and time selectors
  • New Discussion evaluation options for rubrics
  • Course export to a Brightspace package enables export of Intelligent Agents
  • Import Components history log improvements
  • KA 2346 for instructors

December 17 Highlights

  • New Assignment creation experience is “on” permanently as the opt-in/opt-out period has ended
  • New Discussion evaluation experience is “on” by default with the opt-in/opt-out period ending in mid-January
  • Course export to a Brightspace package enables export of Intelligent Agents
  • Quizzes have some new language and terminology in an effort to be more user-friendly to faculty and students
  • All courses past and future (with the exception of Fall 2021) will display the new Discussion date settings
  • KA 2340 for students, KA 2339 for faculty

November 2021

  • In Content, students and teachers can now access the PDF inline toolbar at the top of content topic, rather than scrolling to the bottom of the topic.
  • In Brightspace, a new warning message indicates when a “file extension is not allowed for security reasons” when teachers or students upload a restricted file type. Learn more about restricted file extensions within D2L Brightspace.
  • When students submit to an assignment folder, a new warning message may display to indicate the “file extension is not allowed” for the assignment (when set by their instructor).
  • Teachers and students can add up to 200 email addresses in the TO and CC fields when composing an email message within D2L Brightspace. Learn more about email within D2L Brightspace.
  • When using the HTML Editor, teachers can drag/drop or copy/paste images in more areas where they provide feedback to students, including quiz question feedback, graded items in Grades, and feedback for discussion topics.
  • KA 2335 for students KA 2334 for faculty

Report any D2L Brightspace issues to the MinnState IT service desk.