Creating Accessible Videos

Captions are text versions of the audio content, synchronized with the video. They are essential for ensuring your video is accessible to students, employees and members of the public who are deaf or hard of hearing. They also help non-native English speakers to understand the video, make it possible to search for content within the video, help all students learn the spelling of technical terms spoken in the video and make it possible to generate an interactive transcript where users can click anywhere in the transcript to watch the video where that text is spoken. See: Federal Laws Pertaining to the Use of Closed Captioning in Course Videos. There are two methods for captioning video to do it yourself or outsource. There are free tools available online, or within programs, that make it possible to caption your video by hand or by speech recognition. Bemidji State University offers human based captioning of video through third party providers.

See These Articles To Find the Best Way To Do It Yourself

Requesting Human Created (Outsourced) Captions

Visit the Requesting Captions page for requesting outsourced, human based captions that meet ADA requirements.

BSU Prioritization for Funding Outsourced Captions

  1. Videos in all courses (online, blended, on-campus) with students requesting accommodations through Accessibility Services.
  2. Videos in courses that have successfully completed a Quality Matters review
  3. Videos in online courses identified by the faculty member as required (vs. supplementary), according to the following criterion:
    • Multiple semester use
    • Multiple sections offered each semester
    • Part of a degree completion program
    • Liberal education courses
    • Elective courses
  4. Videos in blended and on-campus courses identified by the faculty member as required, according to the following criterion:
    • Multiple semester use
    • Multiple sections or large enrollment (50+)
    • Required courses in degree programs
    • Liberal education courses.
    • Elective courses
  5. As requested