Staff and Services

Online Course Design Support

JulieJulie Adams,, Ph.D. – Educational Developer/Instructional Designer, 218-755-4219

Online Course Design Resources website

  • Supporting faculty in the design of new online courses and the improvement of existing online courses using current, research-based design standards; adult learning theory; and evidence-based teaching strategies.
  • Helping provide faculty with access to relevant resources and information in support of their professional development goals and objectives related to teaching and learning.
  • Creating, updating and facilitating faculty support sites in D2L sites such as:
    • ONLINE COURSE TUNE-UP – a facilitated site in D2L to help faculty make sure that the design of their online course environment in D2L most effectively supports student learning.
    • DEIA in TEACHING and LEARNING (Resource Center) – a site in D2L to provide resources to faculty that will help them incorporate DEIA strategies in their teaching and provide faculty, students, and staff at BSU with resources that will help them have a better understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in their classes and in their lives.
    • from ON-CAMPUS to ONLINE: the Basics for Faculty – a D2L site organized to compare the elements of the on-campus class to the online class.
    • THE READING ROOM – a professional development site in D2L that includes articles available on topics of interest to educators.

Education Technology

BrianBrian Jambor, Educational Technologist/D2L Backup Administrator/D2L Support, 218-755-2056

EdTech website

  • Supporting existing software and programs that enhance teaching: online meeting and collaboration tools, online test proctoring, video recording, storage, streaming, captioning and D2L integrations.
  • Evaluating new academic technologies for teaching/learning and sharing knowledge.
  • Managing the Media Recording Studio in the A.C. Clark library.
  • At BSU you will have access to:
    • Kaltura MediaSpace (video/screen recording/streaming)
    • Zoom (video conferencing)
    • Microsoft TEAMS (collaboration)
    • Respondus (exam proctoring) and other tools to create content for playback in D2L

D2L Brightspace (D2L) Training and Support

BethBeth Jensen, D2L Lead Administrator/D2L Trainer/D2L Support, 218-755-4217

Tutorials and Videos

  • Faculty and Staff Orientation site in D2L – can self-register if not already enrolled
  • Workshops & one-on-one training in the eLearning Support office or online.
  • Faculty and Staff Support – by phone, Zoom, email or in the eLearning Support office.
  • Assistance for moving on-campus courses to the online environment in D2L, including instructional design and basic online course environment design support.
  • D2L Support for other uses such as advising, training, organizations, collaboration, etc.
  • Notifications of system-wide workshops and training sessions, as well as updates related to D2L.