First Year Residential Experience

Meet friends at FYRE! Let us help you find your social footing!
Meet friends at FYRE! Let us help you find your social footing!

BSU’s First Year Residential Experience, otherwise known as FYRE, offers more than an experience. It offers community.

Live Together, Learn Together

Through the FYRE program, first-year freshmen live together in one of three specially designated residence halls on campus. Students have the option of living on coed or single-sex floors, and certain halls are set aside for those with particular academic and extracurricular interests, such as nursing or outdoor experience. One to two peer assistants (and FYRE veterans) live on each floor, and they can help new students navigate the challenges that come with the first year of college.

In addition to a specially designed orientation program, FYRE students enroll in a one-credit first-year seminar and participate in all kinds of social outings, such as Bowling Night, barbecues and an end-of-the-year banquet.

FYRE allows students from many different backgrounds to share new experiences together. It provides a safety net during the first year, so you can try new things, meet new people and pursue friendships that will last a lifetime.