Complete your bachelor’s degree in one or more of our Indigenous-focused majors, minors or emphases. Indigenous Studies are designed to provide students with critical thinking skills to better navigate the complex world around us. The foundations for the program can be found in Indigenous ways of knowing and thinking as a way of examining areas of study relating to culture, history, sovereignty, tribal government, education, philosophy and the environment to name but a few.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Indigenous Business

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Indigenous Nations with a Marketing Emphasis

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Tribal Justice Emphasis

Bachelor of Science in Indigenous Sustainability Studies

Bachelor of Science in Nursing/ Niganawenimaanaanig

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Sustainability Studies


Minor in Indigenous Studies

Minor in Indigenous Sustainability Studies

Minor in Indigenous Sustainability Studies

Minor in Ojibwe Language


Certificate of Ojibwe Language Instruction

Certificate of Indigenous Studies

Minnesota Indigenous Teachers Training

The Indigenous Studies program is housed in the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC). The AIRC provides many services to American Indian students and all students taking Indigenous Studies courses, not to mention a number of community-based initiatives.  Learn, explore from an Indigenous lens, and welcome to Indigenous Studies.