BSU’s internship network helps you put your education to practice before you graduate.

Whether you want to enhance your academic experience or gain professional experience, we’re here to help you find the right internship opportunity. Spend the summer running youth workshops on environmental conservation, learn to curate museum art exhibits, assist a professor with their personal research — or create your own opportunity.

Most internships are offered in the summer, but the Bemidji region is full of opportunities during the school year. The George Neilson Foundation has partnered with Bemidji State and local businesses to provide a wide variety of internships to BSU students.

Our Washington, D.C., Program is perfect for students of every stripe. Interested in trade policy? Want to make inroads into the non-profit world? This semester-long program is designed to expose students to professional life in a fast-moving, global city.

Use the Internship Database to explore the full breadth of opportunities BSU offers. Work for a zoo, minor league baseball team or national park. There are opportunities out there for almost anything you want to do, wherever you want to do it. Visit Career Services for our full suite of internship resources.