Summer 2024 Important Dates

Planning ahead for tuition and fees can help you avoid last-minute stress — mark these important Summer 2024 dates on your calendar.

Date Description
Mar 1st First day Nelnet available in eService
Apr 15th Book charging begins
May 10th $300 or 15% due (lessor of)
International insurance due
May 13th Classes begin
May 16th Last day to charge books online
May 17th 1st cancel for non-payment
Last day to drop without charge
Last day to charge books
May 20th Financial aid available (tentative)
Jul 26th Last day to sign up for Nelnet option
Jun 17th Bills due in full
June 21st Request ‘Holds’ on outstanding accounts

Summer 2024 Tuition and Fee Due Dates

Registration cancellation for non‐payment is a process by which the university reviews all outstanding accounts to ensure minimum financial requirements have been met. The first cancellation for nonpayment is May 17.

Do not assume that your classes will be dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes if you do not plan to attend.

Students are responsible for watching their account on e-Services and making certain everything is paid in full.

One of the following financial conditions must be met by May 17, 2024 or your classes will be dropped for nonpayment:

  1. You have applied for Federal Financial Aid and the university has received the FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education.
  2. You have made a minimum down payment to tuition and fees of 15% or $300, which ever is less.
  3. You have a scholarship or third party award that meets the minimum down payment amount.
  4. You have set up a Nelnet Payment Plan (not available Summer term).

Summer 2024 Payment Deadline

All student bills must be paid in full on June 17, 2024. Charges for registration after June 17 are due in full on July 26, 2024.

See MinnState policy for further details. Registration holds, late fees and drop for nonpayment can occur if payments are not made within the structure of this plan.

Questions on your bill? Contact (218) 755‐2183.

Cancel for Nonpayment Dates

1st Cancel for Nonpayment: May 17

Total Withdrawal and Refunds — Summer

Note there are many class dates for summer term. Students have the first 5 days of summer term to drop courses without charge. Students have the following 5 business days to completely withdraw from the term to receive a 50% reduction of tuition/fees.

For any courses beginning after the first week of the term, students have one business day following the first day of the course to drop course(s) without charge.

Summer sessions and other terms at least three weeks but less than ten weeks in length.

Date of Total Withdrawal from All Classes Refund %
1st through 5th business day of the term 100%
6th through 10th business day of the term 50%
after the 10th business day of the term 0%

Class terms less than three weeks in length:

Date of Total Withdrawal from All Classes Refund %
1st business day of the term 100%
2nd through 3rd business day of the term 50%
after the 3rd business day of the term 0%