Contracts for Services: Non-Construction

BSU and NTC may need to enter into contracts for services including: professional, educational services, guest lecturers/presenters, entertainment, maintenance, repair and many others.

Whenever services are procured, a contract and insurance certificates (when applicable) are required in advance. There are very specific guidelines to follow. Please refer to the rules, procedures and instructions before proceeding.

Submit a Contract Preparation Request form for additional assistance. The form is intended to outline & simplify the contract request process as well as provide ease of tracking and communication. Please reach out to the Academic Support Team or Rosanne Erickson if you have any questions.

MnSCU Office of General Counsel Contract Basics

In addition, the MnSCU Office of General Counsel has a recorded webinar on Contract Basics that is very helpful to understand the contracting process.

Please note that we can NOT contract with:

  • Current students (must be hired through student payroll)
  • Current state employees (must be paid via payroll)
  • Some retired state employees (check with Payroll to determine if the retiree may or may not contract with us)

Procurement Training Materials

MinnState Information

In addition to the insurance requirements at the above MinnState link, the contract vendor is required to add “Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities” as additional insured for the entire term of the contract.

Bemidji State University and/or Northwest Technical College may also be added, but the Board of Trustees is the primary requirement. An insurance certificate meeting these requirements must be received before a contract can be processed and work can begin.

Please note: Revisions to contract templates must be pre-approved!

If you want to hire another MinnState employee to work for you, they cannot be hired as a consultant (nor can any State of Minnesota employee). Review the MinnState Memo on Intra-Agency Agreement Procedures for more information.

Purchasing Under an Existing Contract

Many goods and some services can be procured under existing contracts. Using existing contracts saves time and money. If you would like to do business with a vendor that is under one of the contracts on the list below, make sure you ask for the contract pricing when you contact them for a quote and ask them to reference the contract number on the quote. If purchasing under one of the contracts below, you may, but are not required to obtain multiple quotes.

To provide positive or negative feedback to the State of Minnesota on a state contract, complete the contract feedback form and submit to the Procurement Office.