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Programs - Undergraduate

Aquatic Biology

Aquatic biology involves the study of physical, geological, chemical, and biological factors that influence the productivity and integrity of freshwater systems.



Biology B.A.

A B.A. major focusing on biology coursework, designed to give a broad background in biology and to prepare students for less technical positions.

Biology B.S.

A B.S. major designed for students planning to attend graduate or professional school or interested in a technical position in biology.


Biology minor

The Biology minor is designed to support other fields of study such as chemistry, physics, geology, environmental studies and certain business majors. The program will complement and enhance many majors, but does not in and by itself lead to a career choice.

Clinical Laboratory Science

A B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science, designed to prepare students for careers in medical laboratories.

Life Science

A B.S. in Life Science, designed to prepare students to become secondary school biology teachers.