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Programs and Coordinators

Graduate study at Bemidji State University offers students the opportunity to achieve an advanced state of knowledge based on the philosophy, history, theory, and methodology of a discipline or field of study. The ability to conduct research, to evaluate and apply the research of others, and to present, orally and in writing, the results of study and research to other scholars and to the community at large are among the professional skills obtained through such study.

Active Programs


Collaborative (non-degree)

Program Coordinators:

Biology (MS): Dr. Mark Fulton (
Business Administration (MBA): Dr. Sanjeev Phukan (
Camp Nursing Certificate: Dr. Jeanine Gangeness (
Education (MS): Dr. Porter Coggins (
Electronic Writing Certificate: Dr. Michael Morgan (
English (MA/MS): Dr. Mark Christensen (
Environmental Studies (MS): Dr. Michael Murray (
FasTrack PostBac Secondary Initiative: Dr. Kris Nei (
FasTrack PostBac-Special Education Emphasis: Dr. Miriam White (
Health Licensure: Dr. Donna Palivec (
Mathematics Education (MS): Dr. Derek Webb (
Mathematics Education-Elem&Middle Level (MS): Dr. Derek Webb (
Middle Level Mathematics Endorsement: Dr. Glen Richgels (
Online Teaching Certificate: Dr. Porter Coggins (
Special Education (MSPD): Dr. Rachele Schafer (
Special Education Licensure (EBD/SLD): Dr. Janne Lillestol (

Unavailable Programs

We are no longer admitting new students into the following programs at this time. These programs remain open for students who are in the process of completing their graduate degree.

Time Limit: Graduate credits earned within seven (7) years before the confirming of the degree shall apply to the master's program. Course work more than seven (7) years old is considered to be obsolete and may not be included in a student's program of study.