Endorsements are add-on licenses which expand your teaching credentials. BSU offers endorsements in the following areas:

NOTE: Courses in endorsement areas may not be offered online. Use the following table as a guide. Generally speaking, only the pre-primary endorsement can be done completely online, and those classes meet synchronously online once per week.

Course Spring online Fall online Summer online
ED 3208 X
ED 3410 X
ED 3417 X
ED 4737 X X
ED 4840 X X
ENGL courses generally no generally no generally no
MATH courses no no on-campus only
Pre-Primary courses synchronous online synchronous online
Science courses BIOL BIOL BIOL, CHEM
Social Studies courses ECON ECON, POL ECON, GEOG

We encourage students interested in completing an endorsement to consult with their academic advisor. Credits can be taken in addition to your DLiTE plan of study each semester, as your schedule permits (and pending any noted prerequisites).

If you are already a licensed teacher and you want to add an endorsement, please work directly with Dr. Aspen Easterling in the BSU Professional Education department to put a plan together.