How Health Education Inspires

  • Coordinating and advising a health education peer group, the Lifestyle Educators.
  • Making sure students have access to reliable, current health information by providing health literature at the SCHC as well as satellite sites on campus.
  • Planning and Coordinating campus presentations involving nationally or regionally known speakers or performers.
  • Provide professional/clinical staff for health and wellness presentations to classes or other campus groups.

Students by Wrecked Truck

  • Alcohol Savvy 
    • Examine myths and realities of alcohol use and student drinking. Explore how to use alcohol safely, responsibly and Legally and learn a resources and support services.
  • Virtual party!
    • A fun, fast-paced game that allows students to make decisions about drinking in a party setting, and view the outcome of these decisions
  • Human Sexuality; Between the Sheets                                                                              
    • This program focuses on family planning, birth control options, STI and breast/testicular exams and is facilitated by a CNP Family Nurse Practitioner
  • The Secret Epidemic: STI’s on Campus
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 55 million Americans have sexually transmissible infections (STI’s) and more than 15 million are spread each year.
  • Predatory Drugs                                                                                                                 
    • Law enforcement and sexual assault advocates report a rising number of drug-related sexual assaults. Learn about the problem and what you can do to protect yourself and your friends.
  • Beat the Bet: Problem gambling on Campus                                                             
    • Compulsive gambling is a hot topic on college campuses where experts say students are three to four times more likely to develop a behavioral disorder from recreational gambling. The program will help you understand the scope of the problem and resources for help.

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