As part of your orientation, you’re invited to read the CampusWell eNewsletter.

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The CampusWell Newsletter is all about helping you stay healthy and productive by providing you with the most up to date health information available.

Each Issue of the CampusWell Newsletter Includes

  • Features: In-depth articles relevant to hot health topics on campus today.
  • Take Notes: Short informational articles covering a wide range of student topics, including general health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, social life and much more.
  • News: Presenting the real facts on the health and wellness issues covered in the mainstream press, without the filter of having to keep advertisers happy.
  • Student Voices: A student-contributed column on relevant topics, such as spotlighting programs on a particular campus, staying healthy on break and much more.
  • Chat Room: Responding directly to the questions that today’s students are asking, as a Q&A forum between students and our staff of medical professionals.
  • From the Doc’s Desk: A note from the editor about a story covered in the issue, or on other relevant topics that the editor wants to expand on.
  • Easy Eats: A recipe for an easy, healthy meal that students can prepare in their dorm rooms.
  • Wellness Bytes: Stand-alone health and wellness info nuggets, dispersed throughout the issue.

Parent Perspective From CampusWell

Parent Perspective is the parent’s only version of the CampusWell newsletter.

Current Issue