There are many advantages to choosing not to have, or postponing sexual activity while in college.

You can have great, fulfilling relationships without having sex until you are absolutely ready! Why? Consider the following:

  • Academic performance: It is easier to concentrate on your studies. After all, isn’t that what you came to college for?
  • Better health: You’ll probably have fewer physical and emotional concerns.
  • Certainty: If the relationship lasts without sex, there is a good chance it will be a strong relationship.
  • Confidence: You’ll know that the other person likes you for you, and not just for sexual attraction.
  • Freedom from worry: You’ll have no concerns about unintended pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections. Also, there will be less confusion about relationships that become intense too fast.
  • Good example: You’ll be setting one for your peers or younger siblings.
  • Less stress: There will be time to learn more about yourself and your feelings.
  • Peace of mind: You won’t be risking your future for a few minutes of pleasure now.
  • Simplicity: You won’t have to worry about birth control.
  • Security: It feels safer to know a person better, and wait until you think this is the person you may want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • Self-respect: You’ll know that you are able to stand up for what is right for you.

These are only a few of the advantages of postponing sexual relationships (abstinence). For more information, talk to your health care provider, contact the health education staff or find literature at Student Health Service or in the satellite health literature sites (Wellness Center, Walnut Hall and in Hobson Student Union).