These events are held Annually, each semester or weekly to promote health and well-being.

Mindful Mondays

Feeling overwhelmed? Is your mind on overload? Need to create some space in your day? Looking for a few minutes of quiet? Join your friends and colleagues for a mindfulness group each Monday at noon.

Mental Health Awareness Panel

Panelists will share their experience with mental health and how they found success seeking treatment and managing their illness.

All Campus Health Fair

This event is a fun and engaging atmosphere for students, faculty and staff with a focus on prevention.

Sexual Responsibility Week

This week is dedicated to inform students about sexual health while hosting fun events such as condom bingo and sex trivia.

De-stress With Pets

De-stress with pets is one of our most popular events held at finals each semester. Join a group of friendly pets to lower your stress levels during finals.

Alcohol Awareness Week

This week covers the dangers of alcohol and drugs and how to make safe decisions when drinking.