Log-In Instructions

Login Instructions for Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness (PETSA) Online:


  1. Go to your MyBSU student portal.
  2. Click on the D2L link in the lower right side of the page, you will be taken to the D2L Login screen.
  3. Enter your Username: 8-digit BSU student ID number.
  4. Enter your Password: birth date in the YYMMDD format (e.g., January 12, 1961 = 610112). If your birth date doesn’t work, try the last 6 digits of your SSN.
  5. NOTE: If neither password listed above works, click on the link that says “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions.  If you experience problems please contact the help desk studenthelp@bemidjistate.edu or (218) 755-4207, (888) 240-4759.
  6. Click the Login button; you will be taken to the D2L homepage (My Home).
  7. Under “My Bemidji State University Courses,” find the heading for the Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness (PETSA) and click on the course title. NOTE: You may need to click the plus sign (+) next to “Bemidji State University” to see your course(s).
  8. Once you are in your course site click on the “Getting Started Video” link
  9. When you are ready to begin click on the Course Home (located under the BSU logo).
  10. You must complete the PETSA Program Evaluation (at the end) to receive credit for completing the PETSA orientation program.

If you have a registration hold because you did not complete Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness (PETSA) program it will be the next business day before you are cleared for registration. We encourage you to complete PETSA before the tenth day of class of your first semester.