Bemidji State Honors Memories of Hagg and Sauer with Hall Retirement Ceremony


Completed in 1970 and dedicated on May 28, 1973, to best friends Dr. Harold T. Hagg and Dr. Philip R. Sauer, Hagg-Sauer Hall was built during an era of dramatic growth for the Bemidji State College campus. The 82,478-square-foot classroom and faculty office complex is one of eight buildings that were either constructed or planned during the two-and-a-half-year presidency of Dr. Harry Bangsberg, which began in September 1964 and was cut tragically short when Bangsberg and his entire advisory party were killed in a March 1967 plane crash in Vietnam.

In its nearly 50-year history, more than a dozen academic programs have made their homes in Hagg-Sauer Hall, and more than 750 faculty, staff and graduate assistants have had offices in the building. Departments housed in the building have included criminal justice, mathematics and computer science, English, geography, history, modern languages and indigenous and ethnic studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, ROTC, sociology, social work, women’s and gender studies, and more. The hall also has provided class-rooms and seminar rooms, writing centers, various media centers and program-specific libraries, cartography and computer labs and tutoring rooms. Other organizations such as the Center for Professional Development, Honors Program and Liberal Education Committee also have made their homes in the building.

Hagg-Sauer Hall was built directly on the practice field used by the Minnesota Vikings when they held their summer camps in Bemidji between 1961-65.

The university updated its master facilities plan in the mid-2000s and identified an update to Hagg-Sauer Hall as one of its top priorities. A years-long campaign to replace the aging building took its first significant step forward in 2014, when BSU received $1 million from the state legislature for construction and renovation planning. Gov. Mark Dayton included the project on his pre-session bonding priorities list in both 2016 and 2017. But it took until 2018 for the project to become a reality, when the legislature allocated $22.512 million for construction. Gov. Dayton signed that bill into law on May 30, 2018.

Dr. Harold T. Hagg

Dr. Harold Hagg, 1950s

Dr. Harold T. Hagg joined the Bemidji State faculty in 1936, where he would spend four decades immersed in research on the Northern Minnesota region before he retired in 1976. He wrote prolifically on the history and geography of Bemidji, the Mississippi Headwaters region and the state of Minnesota throughout his career.

Born July 24, 1909, to Theodore and Sigrid (Tenggren) Hagg in Rochelle, Ill., Hagg earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell College in Iowa before teaching at the University of Iowa High School. He went on to earn master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Iowa, in 1933 and 1936, respectively.

He joined the Bemidji State Teachers College faculty as an instructor and later as a professor and division chair for history. He also served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

He married Renate Fandrey on June 27, 1940, in Carver, Minn. At the time of his death in 2001 at age 96, Hagg and his wife had two daughters, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Dr. Philip R. Sauer

Dr. Phil Sauer, 1990s

Dr. Philip R. Sauer joined the Bemidji State Teachers College faculty in 1937 as a professor of English and rose through the ranks to become division chair of languages and literature before retiring in 1975.

After agreeing to temporarily replace the school’s only other foreign-languages faculty member, he enjoyed a position as a professor of German — a temporary assignment he held for 25 years.

A native of Winona, Minn., Sauer taught at Winona High School for three years before earning his doctorate and joining the BSTC faculty. He published numerous articles and books on church history and hymns, education and language, nature study and German culture.

He earned his undergraduate degree at Northwestern College, earned his master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin and his doctorate from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Sauer married Elizabeth “Betty” McLaughlin on July 1, 1936, in Winona, Minn. They lived across from the A.C. Clark Library, next door to the David Park House. The Sauer family donated the house to the university, and since 2004 the Sauer House has been home to the BSU Alumni Association.

At the time of his death in 2001, Sauer and his wife had three sons, nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Bemidji State University thanks the more than 750 faculty, staff and graduate assistants who have called Hagg-Sauer Hall home since 1974. This list has been compiled by the Office of Communications & Marketing using the best available resources, and we regret any oversights or omissions.

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Faculty/Staff Name Department Tenure
Dr. John Adams English 2009-2010
Matthew Adams English 2009-2012
Carol Aenne English 1987-1989
Timothy Aldrich political science 2007-2008
Karlenlee Alexander education 1989-1990
Daniel Allosso history 2017-2019
Jack Allen history 1973-1988
Kim Allen mathematics 1998-1999
Julie Altiero English 1999-2001
Hannah Altmann mathematics 2017-2019
Dr. Rucha Ambikar sociology 2015-2019
Donald Anderson English 1973-1994
Stephen Anderson sociology 1973-1975
Valentine Angell English 1989-1990
Patricia Andrews graduate assistant 1992-1994
Mohammad Anwar computer science 2003-2004
Dr. C. Perry Armin history 1973-1988
Ernest Ashley spanish 1973-1983
Christopher Atkinson geography 2005-2007
Carol Avelsgaard computer science 1982-1992
Dr. Roger Avelsgaard mathematics 1973-1992
Diane Backer clerk typist 1997-2000
Carol Badboy clerk typist 1976-1978
Kenneth Badboy biology 1977-1978
Dwight Baker English 1974-1975
Lois Baker English 1974-1975
Melissa Baker graduate assistant 1992-1994
Sarah Baker social work 2006-2011
Christine Bakke computer science 2008-2013
Colleen Bakken English 2007-2010
Roberta Ball English 1988-1990
Brendan Banteh English 2006-2008
Dr. Nigel Barber psychology 1989-1990
Gregory Barcenas modern languages 1991-1993
Lynne Barke clerk typist 1984-1985
Barbara Barg mathematics 1994-1995
Corlene Bartles English 1996-1997
Devin Bates English 2010-2011
Dr. Abdalla Battah political science 1992-1993
William Baumgartener general maintenance 2006-2012
Darryl Bayer psychology 1982-1985
Paul Beam general maintenance 2006-2001
Katherine Beaver English 2007-2008
Mark Beckstrom English 1979-1980
Dr. Thomas Beech political science 1999-2019
Dr. Jose Benavides Spanish 1992-1998
Dr. Carol Bennett adjunct instructor 2006-2010
Dr. Russel Bennett psychology 1978-2012
Noel Benson mathematics 1976-1977
Marlene Bergren clerk steno 1974-1975
Mary Bergin clerk typist 1976-1977
Gina Bernard English 1994-1995
Holly Bethune graduate assistant 1997-2000
Lester Bewley janitor 1984-1985
Jennifer Beyer graduate asistant 1997-1999
Donald Bibeau indian studies 1973-1977
Xiaojie Bie modern languages 2008-2009
Andrea Biklen English 1993-1994
Visnje Bilanovic office specialist 2001-2004
Dr. Donald Blakely philosophy 1979-1980
Dr. Fred Bodendorf geography 1982-1984
Dr. Stephen Bogener history 2006-2008
Dr. Elaine Bohanon mathematics 1974-1997
Elizabeth Bomgren English 1974-1979
Dr. Helen Bonner English 1988-1997
Lance Boole math and computer science 1980-1982
Richard Booth geography 1974-1975
Dr. Scott Borchers philosophy 2007-2011
Bruce Bordwell mathematics 1993-1994
Dr. Dean Bowman anthropology and sociology 1979-1999
Alice Boyd modern languages 1978-1984
Dr. Ruth Boyer sociology 1980-1984
Timothy Braam mathematics 1989-1991
Donald Bradel sociology and criminal justice 1974-2009
Theresa Bradel receptionist 1975-1976
Dr. Kathryn Bradfield psychology 1973-1979
Jason Bradley English 2002-2004
Karen Branden sociology 2002-2005
Donna Brandt English 1994-1996
Mary Lou Brandvik English 1976-1980
Mary Bratager English 1978-1979
George Breiger mathematics and computer science 1985-1988
Dr. David Brennan geography 1975-1976
Alan Brew anthropology 1978-1986
James Brewer public administration 1985-1986
Barbara Britton mathematics and computer science 1982-1993
Pamela Broadley English 1976-1978
Christopher Brown mathematics and computer science 1987-2017
Matthew Bruflodt English 2010-2013
Daniel Bryant geography 2011-2012
Ze Yan Bu modern languages 2009-2010
Amelia Bull clerk typist 1992-1997
Kristy Burdick political science 2008-2009
Myron Burnette English 1991-1995
Karen Busch English 1992-1993
Katherine Butler psychology 2007-2008
Dr. Cheryl Byers social work 2001-2018
Jan Callin psychology 1987-1990
Evelyn Campbell social work 2018-2019
Sgt. Major Jerome Carden military science 1982-1984
Heidi Carlson sociology 2005-2011
Dr. Raymond Carlson psychology 1980-1984
Captain Dennis Caron military science 1982-1984
Connie Carpenter clerk typist 1978-1980
Charles Carr English 1973-1982
Ann Carrier center for professional development 2008-2010
James Carroll English 1976-1977
Joy Carson clerk-typist 1973-1974
Melissa Castino graduate assistant 1996-1997
Kari Caughey office and administrative specialist 2012-2013
James Cecil political science & envi. studies 1973-1991
Lorraine Cecil English 1973-1975
Theodore Chapman mathematics 2006-2007
Dr. Arthur Charvat history 1973-1979
Dr. Samuel Chen economics 1973-1974
Jie Cheng mathematics and computer science 2009-2010
Dr. Kit Christiansen philosophy 1982-2013
Dr. Mark Christiansen English 1990-2019
Tavia Christiansen English 1987-1988
Carol Christianson clerk steno 1976-1989
Dr. Donald Churchill professional education 1973-1979
Carol Cirocco social relations and services 2006-2007
Walter Clausen janitor 1975-1982
Lauren Cobb English 2001-2019
Tim Cochran Ojibwe 1979-1980
Paul Conklin geography 2002-2012
Susan Cook English 2010-2011
Dr. Carlos Cortinez Spanish 1990-1991
Wagner Collins mathematics and elementary education 1973-1985
Michael Conway English 1975-1977
Dr. Raymond Cox political science 1984-1985
Richard Crawford criminal justice 1997-1998
Sgt. David Croak military science 1984-1986
Dr. Kyle Crocker art history 2006-2012
Dr. Don Crompton sociology 1976-1995
Sarah Cronin psychology 2018-2019
Christopher Crump miltary science 1979-1984
Steve Crump graduate assistant 1996-1998
Cynthia Dahl clerk-steno 1973-1976
Michael Daley social work 1982-1985
Audrelee Dallam criminal justice 1984-1985
Crystal Damar criminal justice and social work 2006-2008
Dr. Robert Dare sociology and anthropology 1973-1974
Dr. Satish Davgun geography 1986-2013
David Dawn English 2012-2013
Dr. Richard Day modern languages 1973-1996
Jonothan Decker mathematics 2008-2010
Frank De Clusin janitor 1973-1982
Lori Deering clerk typist 1997-2000
Barney Della Santina English 1978-1979
Dr. Darrel DeGraw criminal justice 1984-1985
Sara Dennison English 2011-2013
Dr. Michael DeStephano psychology 1973-1974
Dr. Laurie Desiderato psychology 1993-2018
Annie Devine English 1996-1997
Jessica Dewey social work 2012-2013
Edward Dillon mathematics 1989-1991
Thomas Dirth psychology 2018-2019
Michelle Dodds mathematics and computer science 2000-2001
Dr. Patrick Donnay political science 1991-2019
Dr. Brian Donovan English 1990-2019
Michael Doody English 1975-1979
Dr. Lewis Downing psychology 1973-1991
Dr. Marsha Driscoll psychology 2001-2016
Joyce Dudley mathematics and computer science 1982-1984
Arlene Duff social relations 2008-2012
Shaun Duke English 2018-2019
Dr. Elizabeth Dunn history 1999-2008
Thomas Dunn mathematics 2015-2016
Lynn Durfee geography 1973-1974
Mary Dunlap history 1978-1979
Jessica Durgan English 2013-2019
Joanna Dymond English 2002-2004
Dr. Donald Dyrhaug psychology 1976-1994
Maria Eastman office specialist 2011-2012
Stephany Edwards mathematics 1998-2001
Dr. Lance Egley social work 1995-2001
Dr. Jerry Eidem geography 1978-1979
Martha Einerson English 1987-1988
Dr. Bonnie Ekstrom psychology 2005-2006
Erin Eliason English 2006-2008
Dr. William Elliott English 1973-1988
John Ellis history 2013-2019
Dr. Season Ellison honors program 2016-2019
Seth Epstien history 2011-2012
Linda Erckison English 2002-2004
Dr. Nancy Erickson modern languages 1982-2012
Nancy Ertesvaag philosophy 1974-1975
Dr. Deanna Evans English 1984-2007
Sue Evenson ROTC 1987-1991
Sgt. Lawrence Fabian military science 1982-1984
Dave Fagerlie mathematics and computer science 1980-1982
Deanna Fairbanks political science 1990-1991
William Farrell English 1976-1978
Lynn Falk clerk typist 1991-1992
Tama Fenner mathematics and computer science 1988-1989
Albert Fenske philosophy 1973-1982
Cydni Fenske English 2010-2012
Dr. Michael Field English 1973-1999
Sally Filpula English 1977-1978
Janel Fisher clerk 1990-1995
Andrew Fletcher English 2012-2013
Kathleen Formella mathematics and computer science 1973-1974
Francois Forquerel modern languages 1998-2000
Angela Fournier psychology 2008-2019
Todd Frauenholtz mathematics 2001-2019
Dr. Joseph Free history 1973-1974
Kristin Freed center for professional development 2009-2011
Donald Frees sociology 1973-1974
Susan Freese English 1979-1982
Sean Froyd English 2005-2006
Dwight Fultz psychology 1989-2017
Gary Funkhouser English 1989-1992
Jane Furnas English 1980-1981
Kaoru Furnkoshi modern languages 1988-1992
Solomon Gabriel mathematics and computer science 1976-1978
Kanwalinderjt Gagneja computer science 2010-2011
Marianne Gagnon English 1996-1997
Shawn Gagnon English 1996-1997
Dr. Fulton Gallagher dean of humanites and arts 1980-1984
Yan Kui Gao modern languages 1991-1993
Thomas Gardner English 1977-1978
Dr. Michael Garrett geography 1979-2008
Larry Gausen mathematics and computer science 1973-1997
Lisa Gauwitz mathematics 1987-1990
Lois Geller maintenance 1988-1989
Lila George social work 1986-1998
David Georgina English 1998-1999
Maureen Gibbon English 2006-2019
Sheryl Giffen clerk typist 1974-1975
Lt. Col. Clark Gilbertson military science 1982-1983
Dr. Troy Gilbertson criminal justice 2004-2009
Dr. Sydney Giovenco Spanish 1987-1992
Evelyn Gladhill maintenance 1987-1994
Simon Goble mathematics and computer science 2003-2006
Mary Godwin center for professional development 2000-2004
Dr. Gilburt Goffstein philosophy 1988-1990
Dr. David Gonzalez English 1989-2000
Dr. John Gonzalez psychology 2008-2019
Duane Goodwin Native American arts 1977-1978
Keith Gora psychology 2012-2019
Kathleen Gorick mathematics and computer science 2000-2011
Brandy Grabow-Brown English 2015-2017
Dr. Robert Grabowski English 1976-1977
Lisa Graefe modern languages 2010-2012
Celine Graham social and behavior sciences 1987-1988
John Graham history 1976-1977
Rebecca Graham English 1987-1989
Dr. Colleen Greer sociology 1999-2019
Travis Grimler English 2008-2011
Katherine Grosh graduate assistant 1996-1998
Wendy Grosskopf English 2016-2018
Yumin Gu modern languages 2011-2012
Mary Beth Gruis English 2001-2003
Steven Grunewald English 2002-2004
Dr. Daniel Guentchev philosophy 2012-2019
Fabio Guerinoni computer science 2010-2011
Dr. Jan Guggenheimer social work 2010-2015
Dr. Patrick Guilfoile associate dean of college of arts and sciences 2008-2009
Dick Gulick sociology 1978-1979
Marvin Gulick sociology 1976-1982
Dr. Stephen Gurney English 1978-2009
Wendy Haavisto English 1994-1995
Kelly Hagemeister modern languages 1999-2002
Kathryn Hagen clerk typist 1985-1986
Dr. Harold Hagg history 1973-1991
Dorothy Haines modern languages 1989-1990
Anyea Hake English 2008-2010
Steven Hake geography 1974-1976
Cayle Halberg English 2010-2011
Wesley Halverson maintenance 1993-1995
Dr. James Hamilton history 1973-1974
Anna Hamann English 2012-2013
Heidi Hansen mathematics 2009-2019
Richard Hanson sociology 1974-1976
Cpt. Richard Hanzes military science 1985-1986
Toshioki Hara modern languages 1992-1994
Christine Harris office and administration specialist 2003-2019
Genevieve Hart military science 1985-1986
LTC John Hart military science 1984-1986
Carol Hartman English 1975-1976
Tamara Hartung English 2008-2011
Mark Hassenstab English 1974-1975
Jonathan Hatch English 2004-2006
Dr. Darryl Hattenhauer English 1984-1986
Julee Hauff English 1988-1990
Kristin Hauser English 2002-2003
Susan Hauser English 1998-2010
Dan Hawkins English 1987-1989
Debra Hawthorne English 2011-2012
Matthew Hawthorne English 2011-2012
Carla Headlee English 1977-1979
Pamela Heath clerk typist 1978-1984
Myrna Hedin English 1978-1982
Mike Hedlund English 2004-2005
Bee Helgeson English 1980-1981
Jade Hellen English 2009-2010
Joanne Henningsgaard mathematics 2004-2019
Kenneth Henriques English 1973-1982
Lee Jr. Henschel English 1976-1977
Robert Henschel English 1977-1978
LeAnn Hensley general maintenance 2011-2012
Stephen Herbert English 1980-1981
Gerdaline Hickerson graduate assistant 1992-1994
Susan Hickey-Rosselet mathematics and computer science 1980-1990
Jessica Higgins English 2000-2003
Ivory Hilliard English 2009-2013
Rebecca Hoffman social work 2015-2019
Hazel Hogenson educational psychology 1973-1974
Dr. Harwood Holbrook criminal justice 1986-1991
Darryl Holman geography 2011-2012
Donald Hommerding maintenance 1987-1988
Dr. Richard Hook psychology 1993-2018
Ann Hougen mathematics and computer science 1992-2013
Dr. Mary Hrenchir history 1994-2018
Ryan Hutchinson mathematics 2006-2008
Joan Huseby clerk typist 1994-1997
Dawn Huyge-Opsal psychology 2010-2012
Colbi Ikola graduate assistant 2010-2011
Dr. Demetrios Ioannides mathematics and computer science 2009-2010
Brent Irwin English 2008-2009
Christopher Ismil English 1999-2000
William Jabusch English 2007-2009
Dr. Louise Jackson psychology 1984-2019
Deborah Jacobs English 1985-1986
Joshua Jain modern languages 1991-1994
Captain Robert Jenkins military science 1982-1985
Raymond Jensen history 1973-1992
Jeff Jentz English 1989-1990
William Johnes modern languages 1978-1979
Adair Johnson English 1985-1986
Amy Johnson mathematics 1994-1996
Gary Johnson mathematics and computer science 1982-1985
James Johnson mathematics 1975-1976
Captain Jeffrey Johnson military science 1984-1986
Lloyd Johnson sociology 1973-1974
Luke Johnson English 2008-2011
Mikel Johnson English 2007-2010
Paul  Johnson English 1982-1984
Randy Johnson janitor 1980-1984
Richard Johnson computer science 2005-2006
Ramona Jones guest lecturer 1974-1975
Samantha Jones geography 2014-2019
Dorothy Jorgensen English 1974-1975
Gloria Joy clerk 1989-1990
Laura Juve English 2011-2012
Joe Kaiser janitor 1984-1986
Lynn Karger English 1994-1995
Major P. J. Kasperbauer military science 1979-1982
Meredith Kehoe English 1989-1999
Dr. Ross Keiser psychology 1985-1988
Sue Kelling mathematics 1993-1994
Anne Keston English 1974-1977
George Kiefer criminal justice 1982-1985
Frances Kiesling social work 1985-1988
Walter King mathematics 1974-1976
Sfc. Ronnie Kirkland military science 1985-1986
Lynn Kistler soical work 2005-2008
Jane Klatt sociology 1976-1982
Lloyd Klien criminal justice 2003-2005
Dr Richard Kleinmann English 1982-1986
Kathryn Klement gender & womens studies 2017-2019
Dr. Beatrice Knodel English 1973-1995
Dr. Raymond Knodel mathematics 1973-1992
Dr. Clayton Knoshaug mathematics 1973-2006
Ivy Knoshaug mathematics 1982-2010
Joan Koeper social work 1992-1993
Dr. James Koger English 1984-1986
Brenda Kolling office specialist 2005-2006
Brenda Kosmerl mathematics and computer science 1989-1990
Debra Krueger office specialist 2000-2019
Dr. Richard Krummel German 1974-1990
Dr. Viacheslav Kudin Russian 1993-1994
Kristine Kuether office specialist 2009-2011
Eric Kuha English 2007-2009
Mun Yee Kwan graduate assistant 2006-2009
Cindy Ladany ofifce and administration specialist 2007-2008
Susan Lahbil English 1975-1976
Prabin Lama English 2018-2019
Audrey L’Amie criminal justice 2005-2009
Cui Lan modern languages 2012-2013
Camille Lapara modern languages 1998-2000
Kate Larson psychology 2013-2019
April Larson Spanish 1993-2019
Lyle Lauber sociology 1973-1996
Lesa Lawrence clerk steno 1990-1993
Dr. Mark Lawrence geography 2001-2019
Lynne Lawson English 2007-2008
Lynne Le Mire English 2012-2013
Dr. Arthur Lee history 1973-1995
Dr. Russell Lee psychology 1973-2008
Philip Leen mathematics 2009-2013
Eldon Lehman economics 1973-1975
Ruth Lehmann mathematics 1974-1980
Dr. Jean Leighton modern languages 1973-1989
Janis Leona English 1988-1991
Dr. Elizabeth Leone Spanish 1989-1990
Sarah Lewandowski criminal justice 2005-2006
Dongqi Li modern languages 2001-2002
Jiang Lie modern languages 2005-2006
Justin Lillich English 2004-2006
Ayleen Lindahl English 2003-2005
Dorothy Lindenmann English 1984-1987
Carol Lindquist sociology 2012-2014
Bev Little clerk steno 1976-1977
Steve Liston English 1986-1987
Manjun Liu modern languages 2004-2005
Dr. Colleen Livingston mathematics 1995-2019
Erik Livingston mathematics 1992-1993
Patrick Lochwood social work 2006-2007
Catherine Lockwood geography 1993-1994
Corina Londo English 1999-2001
Renee Loud English 2004-2005
Amber Luck English 2004-2006
Jeanette Lukowski English 2008-2019
Cory Lund English 1995-1999
Dr. David Lund philosophy 1973-2010
Dr. Eric Lund mathematics 1990-2019
Dr. Kenneth Lundberg dean of social and natural sciences 1991-1999
Martha Lundin clerk typist 1997-2000
Dr. Dennis Lunt leadership studies 2015-2019
Robert Lyons English 1973-1978
Yue Ma modern languages 2002-2004
Elizabeth MacDuffie English 1996-1997
Dr. Dada Maglajlic social relations and services 1996-2011
Brenda Mack social work 2017-2019
Richard Mackey psychology 1973-1977
Dr. James Makepeace sociology 1975-1979
Yolanda Manecke Spanish 1991-1993
Jessica Marianiello English 2004-2006
Vincent Marianiello English 2004-2006
Elizabeth Marsh geography 2000-2001
Barbara Marsolek mathematics 1988-1997
Andre Marthaler English 1973-1985
Jeffery Martin criminal justice 1998-2002
Dr. Timothy Martinez psychology 1990-1993
Philip Martin English 1974-1976
Kenneth Masse mathematics and computer science 1973-1988
Carissa Massey art history 2006-2007
Tamera Mayer clerk 1989-2006
Griffith Matthews psychology 2000-2001
Juli Mattison janitor 1982-1984
Peter Maus mathematics 1982-1984
Peter Mausse janitor 1973-1975
Tamera Mayer clerk steno 1979-1980
Tiffany McAnnany English 2005-2006
Kelly McCalla English 1985-1986
Thomas McClary English 1994-1997
Kay McCune clerk steno 1979-1991
Dr. Judith McDonald dean of humanities and fine arts 1984-1998
 Linda McDonald mathematics 2010-2011
Joseph McKenna political science 1973-1975
Brendan McManus history 1998-2019
 Katherine McMartin English 1977-1979
Erin McMillan English 2005-2007
Sheldon McRae sociology 1973-1975
Msg. James Meader military science 1984-1985
Charles Melberg sociology 1973-1974
Marcella Melby mathematics 2003-2004
Louise Mengelkoch English 1987-1988
Jean Mercier history 1973-1980
Alexander Messejnikov English 2011-2013
Dr. Kathleen Meyer modern languages 1990-2011
Dr. Nancy Michael English 1990-2011
Christopher Miller psychology 2016-2018
David Miller computer science 1982-1998
Deborah Miller English 1978-1985
Jonothan Miller English 2012-2013
Carol Milowski English 1986-2007
Dr. Raymond Milowski English 1973-1996
Anthony Miltich English 1989-1992
Sharon Miltich English 1989-1992
Maria Miranda Spanish 1998-2002
Dr. Janet Moen sociology 2009-2013
Keri Mohror professional development 1992-1996
Azucena Mollejo Spanish 1994-1996
Mary Monroe clerk-typist 1973-1974
Erlys Moore English 1998-2001
Dr. Michael Morgan English 1986-2018
Dr. Gerald Morine chemistry 1998-1999
LouAnn Muhm graduate assistant 1997-2000
John Murphy history 2001-2013
Greg Myhre English 1980-1981
Renae Myszkowski English 2017-2018
Dr. Alexander Nadesan political science 1973-1999
Linda Narjes clerk steno 1975-1978
Waddah Nasr philsophy 1973-1977
Kent Natvig English 1988-1990
Judy Negard office specialist 2000-2009
Cindy Nelson English, public speaking, interpersonal communication 2004-2019
Barbara Nelson English 2004-2005
Dr. Elaine Nelson mathematics 1973-1974
Janice Nelson graduate assistant 1992-1994
Michael Nelson English 1986-1988
Dr. Ruth Nelson computer science 1982-1983
Francois Neville computer science 2011-2019
Li Lan Ni modern languages 1988-1991
Gerald Niehus graduate assistant 1994-1996
Kelly Nipp mathematics 1997-2019
Peggy Nohner office and administration; clerk typist 1982-2001
Laura Nord English 2009-2010
Nicholas Norden sociology 1974-1975
Dr. David Nordlie sociology 1973-1999
Dr. Dolores Norman history 1973-1993
Carla Norris-Raynbird sociology 2006-2018
Lawrence Novotney mathematics 1980-1985
Earl Nyholm Ojibwe 1973-1984
Virginia Oakgrove English 1982-1992
Dr. John O’Boyle Spanish 1973-1988
Charles O’Connor sociology 1973-2001
Jorge Oconitrillo Spanish 1992-1993
Jenna O’Dell mathematics 2017-2019
Sfc. Albert O’Donnell military science 1979-1984
Ian Ogilvy-Stalker English 1975-1978
Kristi Ohde English 1975-1976
Donald Oja English 1974-1975
Walter Okstad library 1977-1978
Anne Olmsted English 1984-1986
Dr. Sylvia Olney sociology 2010-2013
Zachary Olson English 2008-2013
Frank Onyellow Indian studies 1979-1982
Ariana Opsal English 2007-2009
Richard Opsal mathematics 2008-2010
Joseph Ortis mathematics 1991-1993
Arvie Osterloh clerk typist 1974-1975
Dr. Dallas Ouren philosophy 1977-1978
Lyla Owens English 2009-2012
Joshua Page criminal justice 2004-2005
Emily Paine social work 2012-2013
Darren Parker mathematics 1998-2001
Jon Parrott English 1975-1976
Dr. Charles Parson geography 1976-2005
Joseph Patrow graduate assistant 1996-1999
Dr. Richard Patten psychology 1974-1976
Sonia Patten anthropology 1975-1976
Ellen Paul history 2003-2004
Donna Pawlowski communication studies 2013-2019
Gary Payne sociology 1993-1994
Sandra  Pemberton English 2007-2009
Brian Peterson English 1980-1981
Dr. Debra Peterson sociology 1999-2019
Lori Peterson clerk typist 1984-1992
Florence Petrowske senior steno reception 1973-1994
Randall Pfeuffer English 1989-1990
Rick Phillips English 1989-1990
Allen Pierce criminal justice 1975-1976
Katrina Pink English 2000-2001
James Pitzen English 1988-1989
Dr. Kurt Plachetta psychology 1977-1982
Dr. Linda Plachetta psychology 1980-1982
Albin Polonyi English 1999-2000
Janet Prater criminal justice 2006-2010
Glen Proechel modern languages 1976-1980
Miles Purrington English 1977-1979
Charles Pulkrabek English 2011-2012
Dr. Heinz Puppe German 1973-1974
Dr. James Rafferty psychology 1976-2016
Barbara Ragan English 1979-1980
Laura Ramierz criminal justice 2005-2012
Barbara Ranson mathematics 2001-2006
Gary Rees English 2015-2019
Dr. Howard Reid psychology 1973-1975
Aaron Reini English 2007-2009
Mary Reitmeir social work 1982-2011
Melissa Remick English 2011-2013
Robert Remund mathematics 1996-1997
Vicky Reyes clerk typist 1974-1975
Kurt Reynolds English 2001-2002
Susan Rickers social work 2012-2019
Travis Ricks psychology 2015-2019
Dr. Tom Richard mathematics and computer science 1973-2008
Carol Richards English 1984-1986
Dr. James Richards mathematics and computer science 1976-2009
Jason Richardson English 1995-1997
Dr. Glen Richgels mathematics 1993-2017
Kelly Rien English 1999-2001
Blanca Rivera Spanish 2000-2017
Miriam Rivera-Hokanson Spanish 2004-2019
Mark Robarge sociology 1977-1984
Dottie Roberts military science 1982-1986
Charles Sr. Robertson Indian studies 1980-1986
Christina Robertson English 2010-2012
Wayne Robins janitor 1985-1987
Dr. Forest Robinson English 1973-1980
Jordy Rocheleau philosophy 2000-2001
Mindy Rohr English 1997-1999
Cynthia Rollo-Carlson social work 2006-2008
Rhannon Ross English 2001-2004
Sandra Ross Spanish 1991-1992
Selam Ross Chippewa 1973-1975
Dr. Susan Rosselet computer science 1990-2010
Irvine Rotto modern languages 1973-1993
Dr. Oscar Rouck psychology 1973-1982
Dr. Carol Ann Russell English 1988-2019
Julee Russell English 1990-1994
Leslie Russell English 1973-1993
Kelley Ryan English 2009-2011
Jaclyn Ryder office and administration 1999-2000
Colleen Rydners English 1987-1989
Craig Rypkema mathematics -2019
Collin Sainio psychology 2010-2012
Marla Sanford clerk steno 1980-1989
Jessica Santala English 2017-2019
Gregory Sarles mathematics 2001-2006
Dr. Scott Sasse criminal justice 1998-2001
Dr. Philip Sauer English 1973-1991
Don Savage motion picture production 1975-1976
Cathy Schlifer modern languages 1994-1998
Mark Schmitt maintenance 1991-1992
Gerald Schnabel history 1973-1999
Karl Schnapp English 1984-1985
Captain Susan Schoeppler military science 1982-1983
Mary Schoonover clerk typist 1995-1999
Annette Schulke clerk typist 1993-1996
Dennis Schultz janitor 1973-1976
Jason Schultz computer science 2016-2019
Carol Schwartz English 1974-1976
Mark Schwartz English 1994-1995
Dr.  Susan Scrivner English 1975-2013
Susan Scully English 1977-1978
Jason Sellers history 2010-2011
Carl Sewall English 2002-2004
Bonnie Shaffer clerk steno 1974-1976
Wang Shangsheng modern languages 1994-1995
Stephanie Shearen mathematics 2009-2011
Shantao Shen modern languages 1998-1999
Yoko Shibuya graduate assistant 1994-1996
Dr. Richard Shigley criminal justice 1979-1984
Sherry Shindelar English 2006-2013
William Short mathematics 1984-1992
Dorsey Showen janitor 1977-1978
Dann Siems biology 2000-2001
Kevin Sime mathematics 1986-1987
Beth Simons political science 2012-2013
Gloria Singer sociology 1974-1976
Dr. Michael Skladany sociology 2005-2006
Jeffrey Skibicki mathematics 1993-1994
Larry Skillin history 2009-2010
Kenneth Skogen sociology 1973-1984
Ann Skunes mathematics 1986-1988
Emily Sladky psychology 2009-2010
Charles Slattum janitor 1976-1980
Richard Slinkman mathematics and computer science 1973-1991
Debbie Slough office specialist 2001-2003
David Smith English 1980-1981
Dr. Gerald Smith mathematics 1973-1994
Kent Smith mathematics 1974-1982
Lisa Smith clerk typist 1994-1995
Neil Smith library 1978-1980
Dr. Peter Smith geography 1973-2001
Patricia Snell mathematics 2005-2019
Robert Snyder English 1978-1979
Melvin Sorg political science 1994-1995
Pollard Sorquist English 2006-2010
Dr. Richard Spindler mathematics 2006-2009
Alexandra Sprafka mathematics 1973-1974
Jill Stackhouse geography 2012-2019
Thomas Steele maintenance 1986-1989
Stacey Steinkopf English 2002-2004
J. Ruth Stenerson English 1973-1986
Francine Sterle English 1974-1976
Dr. John Stevens clerk typist 1978-1979
Adam Stewart English 2003-2006
Larry Stillday social work 2002-2004
Matthew Stinson psychology 2007-2009
Edward Stokes sociology 1973-1975
Deborah Stolow mathematics 1987-1990
Arlene Stone sociology 1973-1974
Cheryl Stone secretary 1973-1974
Susan Storrusten English 1978-1985
Charles Storslee assistant professor 1977-1978
Julie Stuard English 1997-1999
Larry Swain English 2010-2019
Enid Swanson laboratory school and german 1973-1982
Myron Swanson humanities and philosophy 1973-1980
Jane Sweep clerk typist 1997-1999
Sfc. Willie Tabb military science 1980-1984
Timothy Tall Chief English 2002-2003
Michael Taylor philosophy 2008-2009
Lois Templin English 1999-2001
Stephen Terhaar English 2005-2007
Audrey Thayer social work 2011-2012
Dr. Spero Thomaidis history 1973-1998
Dr. Wesley Thomas geography 1975-1979
Margaret Thorbeck English 1973-1984
Kathleen Thornes women’s studies 1992-1993
Mary Thrash social work 1998-2012
Dr. Baozhong Tian mathematics and computer science 2018-2019
Sandy Tibbets explorations and mentoring 1987-1988
Margaret Tiffany English 1987-1993
Carol Timbo English 1987-1989
Brian Timm English 1993-1994
Tom Tolman sociology 1973-1974
Benny Tonce Indian studies 1980-1982
JoNelle Toriseva English 2001-2002
SSG. Samuel Torres modern languages 1982-1983
Ann Toumi modern languages 1982-1985
Bev Tower clerk steno 1977-1979
Terry Troutner mathematics and computer science 1989-1993
Dr. Jeffery Ueland environmental studies 2007-2019
Stephen Van Buren English 1976-1977
Barbara Vasquez clerk typist 1975-1976
Joan Vaughn English 1988-1989
Melissa Vene English 1999-2003
Marianne Verdun English 1995-1996
Linda Vigen clerk steno 1977-1979
Kael Wagner English 2001-2004
Dr. Ryan Walker mathematics 2010-2011
Eileen Walsh history 1995-2001
Mark Walters English 2001-2002
Ning Wang modern languages 1999-2000
Xiaoyi Wang modern languages 2010-2011
Yubin Wang modern languages 2006-2007
Gregory Warchol criminal justice 1994-1997
Dr. Rosalie Weaver English 1982-2015
William Weaver English 1982-2006
Dr. Derek Webb statistics 2002-2019
Ellen Weber modern languages 1999-2002
Frederick Weddel sociology 1973-1974
Dr. Richard Weil geography 1984-1986
Dr. Ivan Weir social relations and services 1989-1991
Dr. Randall Westhoff mathematics 1994-2019
Howard White modern languages 1977-1978
Cornelius Sr. Whitefeather Ojibwe 1975-1978
Laura Whitmore English 2003-2006
Stephen Wick mathematics 1992-1993
Geri Wilimek social work 2002-2007
Dr. Jay Wilimek psychology 1980-1985
Lyn Wilimek English 1988-1990
Dr. Chad Williams computer science 2010-2011
Tom Williams social work 2005-2007
Michele Willman English 2017-2018
Keith Wilmot criminal justice 2002-2003
Dominique Wilson graduate assistant 2009-2010
Betsy Witt criminal justice 1992-1997
Dr. Rodney Witt criminal justice 1985-2013
Linda Wolf computer science 1998-2004
Dr. Marty Wolf computer science 1998-2019
Elaine Wolter English 1979-1980
Janis Womack English 1987-1990
Dr. Ranae Womack dean of college of social and natural science 1999-2001
Tamara Worner mathematics and computer science 2017-2019
Janice Wright Spanish 1984-1988
Sherry Wright office specialist 2004-2005
Qi Xiang Yang modern languages 1989-1990
Larry Young geography 1973-1975
Jahaira Zacher Spanish 2002-2004
Sgm. Lajos Zadravecz military science 1984-1985
Deanna Zaffke English 1992-1993
Jay Zastrow mathematics 1995-1997
Liming Zhai modern languages 1995-1996
Donghui Zhang modern languages 2007-2008
Tai an Zhang modern languages 2002-2003
Li Zhou psychology 2017-2019
Captain David Zilika military science 1982-1983
Lorraine Zuehlke mathematics and computer science 1982-1987
Zhicheng Zuo Chinese 1993-1994
Teri Zywicki social work 1984-1985