Faculty & Staff

Bemidji State University has a highly talented and compassionate Nursing faculty whose members are dedicated to teaching, research and service.

Our faculty provide insight to students about the relationship between the theory of classroom and the reality of nursing practice. Each faculty member is committed to providing leadership in nursing, premier healthcare, innovation and cutting-edge science.

Dr. Marci Maple
Chair - Associate Professor
Office: BE 109 BBox #15
(218) 755-4240
Email: marci.maple@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Christy Cook
Assistant Professor
Email: christy.cook@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Tricia Cowan
Assistant Professor
Office: BE 109 EBox #15
(218) 755-2148
Email: tricia.cowan@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Julie Curtis
Assistant Professor
Office: BE 224Box #15
(218) 755-3729
Email: julie.curtis@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Mary Fairbanks
Office: BE 109LBox #15
(218) 755-2523
Email: mary.fairbanks@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Nancy Hall
Office: BE 109 QBox #15
(218) 755-3869
Email: nancy.hall@bemidjistate.edu
Vickie Holker
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(651) 245-2638
Email: vickie.holker@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Tiffany Hommes
Office: BE 109Box #15
(218) 755-2526
Email: tiffany.hommes@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Jessica LeTexier
Associate Professor
Office: BE 233Box #15
(218) 755-3861
Email: jessica.letexier@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Jeanine McDermott
Associate Professor
Office: BE 109 JBox #35
(218) 755-2524
Email: jeanine.mcdermott@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Sheila Paul
Office: BE 1109 GBox #15
(218) 755-3870
Email: sheila.paul@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Tara Pierce
Assistant Professor
Office: BE 109 PBox #15
(218) 755-2521
Email: tara.pierce@bemidjistate.edu
Stefanie Sanden
Nursing Faculty
Office: BE 109 N
(218) 755-2043
Email: stefanie.sanden@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Carolyn Townsend
Associate Professor
Office: BE 109 DBox #15
(218) 755-2527
Email: carolyn.townsend@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Misty Wilkie
Associate Professor
Office: BE 109 RBox #15
(218) 755-2715
Email: misty.wilkie@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Carrie Yavarow
Assistant Professor
Office: BE 109 FBox #15
(218) 755-3708
Email: carrie.yavarow@bemidjistate.edu
Adjunct Faculty
Julie Beevor
Nursing Faculty
Office: BE 109Box #K
(218) 755-2101
Email: julie.beevor@bemidjistate.edu
Emily Helm
Adjunct Instructor
Email: emily.helm@bemidjistate.edu
Mary Hennen
Adjunct Instructor
Office: Bensen Hall
Email: mary.hennen@bemidjistate.edu
Brian Kallinen
Adjunct Instructor
Email: brian.kallinen@bemidjistate.edu
Tam Mahaffey
Adjunct Instructor
(218) 755-3860
Email: tam.mahaffey@bemidjistate.edu
Matt Hanson
Grant Coordinator
Office: BE 130
(218) 755-2793
Email: matt.hanson@bemidjistate.edu
Jennifer Johnson
Nursing Office & Admin Specialist
Office: BE 222Box #15
(218) 755-2736
Email: jennifer.johnson@bemidjistate.edu
Michelle Saboo
Niganawenimaanaanig Program Student Mentor
Office: BE 130
(218) 755-2299
Email: michelle.saboo@bemidjistate.edu
Michael Simpson
Nursing Student Services Coordinator
Office: BE 223
(218) 755-2486
Email: michael.simpson@bemidjistate.edu
Amy Weiher
College Laboratory Services Specialist
Office: BE 213Box #15
(218) 755-3848
Email: amy.weiher@bemidjistate.edu
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