This Program provides American Indian and Indigenous students with the holistic support needed to increase their likelihood of graduating from the BSU Nursing Program.


“We Take Care of Them”

The Bemidji State University Department of Nursing has a program to support American Indian  and Indigenous pre-nursing and nursing students. Niganawenimaanaanig, an Ojibwe word meaning “we take care of them,” is funded by HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity grant which serves to increase the number of minority nurses in order to increase health equality and improve patient outcomes.


Niganawenimaanaanig Program support includes:

Social: Students meet weekly with a mentor to discuss goals, academics and challenges to success. Mentors will guide students to appropriate resources, be a liaison between facility and students, and provide support and encouragement. Weekly mentor meeting are required.

Cultural: Culture is a significant part of the program, and students will be required to participate in at least one cultural activity per month. Students will be encouraged to learn more about American Indian cultures and traditions to help establish or maintain their cultural identity.

Academic: Students earning a C or lower in any course will be required to attend tutoring. Students must agree to intensive monitoring that allows the student, mentor or program director to request faculty updates on student performance. Interventions will be undertaken as needed to further student success.

Financial: Students admitted to the four year or RN-BS program may be eligible to receive financial support through the grant.  The amount each student receives is determined by the Financial Aid office and the student’s financial need. Students can also receive financial support to purchase items required for the nursing program, such as uniforms and laptops.

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