Please note — BSU vehicles have moved to Deputy 350. In order to check the status of a BSU vehicle please call ext. 3988.

BSU Vehicles Available

Vehicle Services has the following vehicles available for authorized BSU travel:

  • 4 — Passenger Vans (seats 12), $0.50/ mile
  • 3 — Mini Vans (seats 7), $0.44/ mile
  • 1 — Prius Hybrid (Gas/Electric) (seats 4), $0.44/ mile
  • 1 — Suburbans (seats 8), $0.50/ mile
  • 1 — Equipment Trailers (trailer can only be towed by Suburbans), additional $0.06/ mile If any questions, contact Laurie Watkins 218.755.3988

The minimum charge for a vehicle is $20.00 per day.

See BSU/NTC Vehicle reservation calendar in Teams.

Requesting a BSU Vehicle

The BSU Travel and Vehicle Request Form must be used when requesting a BSU fleet vehicle. All in-state travel must be approved by your Vice President and all out-state and international travel must be approved by the President.

Travel packets can be picked up at Deputy 350 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. When returning from a trip after hours, a key drop box is located on the SW corner of Bangsberg Hall.

Failure to cancel requests at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled trip or failure to return vehicles at the designated time on the request will result in a $20.00 penalty charge to your account. Emergency situations (accident, breakdown, weather conditions, etc) will be taken into consideration.

Approved Drivers

All faculty, staff and student employees driving a fleet vehicle must complete the online Vehicle Use Agreement prior to the trip date. A Vehicle Use Agreement must be completed annually and be on file at the Vehicle Services Office.

Each student driver will only have to fill out one agreement, no matter how many different departments they work for. A master list of approved drivers will be kept at Vehicle Services.

Procedure 5.19.3 Travel Management

State-owned, rented or leased vehicles are to be used for official state business only. A driver shall have a valid state driver’s license, complete a Vehicle Use Agreement Consent to Obtain Driving Record form and observe all ordinances and laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles, System Guideline Driver’s License Record Check and Consent Form — Vehicle Use Agreement and Consent to Obtain Driving Record(s).

Authorized Drivers

  • State employees
  • Contractor’s employees or independent contractors, if authorization to drive a state vehicle is specifically mentioned.
  • Students who have been given permission by college or university administration.
  • An individual assisting an employee with a disability, if approved by the employee’s supervisor.
  • An individual assisting a student with a disability, if approved by college or university administration

Only authorized persons are permitted to ride in state vehicles. A spouse or other individual may accompany a traveler, including students, on a business trip at the traveler’s expense. However, personal guests, including spouses, are not allowed to travel in a state-owned, rented or leased vehicle.
Authorized persons include:

  • State employees
  • Other persons participating in related state programs
  • Volunteers as provided in System Procedure 4.0.1
  • An individual assisting an employee with a disability, if approved by the employee’s supervisor
  • An individual assisting a student with a disability, if approved by the college of university administration