Finding an Internship

Your Path to Professional Experience Starts Here

Doing an internship as a student can be your path to the professional world in your field of study. You’ll gain real world experience, learn about the latest trends, build a stronger resume, and develop confidence as a professional. You’ll also be establishing a network that you can tap into later to find a job.

Finding An Internship

You want to do an internship. Great! Now what? We will walk you through the process from helping you identify the type of internship you are interested in and where to find employers to the interview process and follow up.   Here is a quick step by step checklist from preparation to implementation.

  1. Prepare
    • Research where, what (type of work/organization) & what you want to gain
    • Complete your profile in Connect2Careers
    • Prepare your resume be sure to have Career Services critique it by stopping in Resumes on the Run
    • Consider an informational interview
  2. Locate
    • Check with your Advisor, and then the Departmental Internship Coordinator
    • Search within Connect2Careers
    • Attend career fairs & on-campus recruiting (most effective according to employers)
    • Career services resources – links to off-site resources
    • Consider reaching out to an employer and expressing an interest in their company.  You may do so by writing a letter of interest or a prospecting letter.
  3.  Apply
    • Prepare a cover letter specific for the internship—show you have researched the company
    • Send cover letter and resume along with reference list
    • When emailing, always send a cover letter with the resume as one attachment
  4. Interview
    • Be sure to research the company website
    • Ask for a copy of the internship duties
    • Prepare a list of your strengths and skills
    • Practice interview questions

Nielson Internship Program

The Neilson Foundation is offering 50 percent funding for employers to hire interns this coming summer.  Foundation will fund up to 15 internships, including 14 positions in private/for-profit business, pertaining to any major or program offered by Bemidji State University or Northwest Technical College, and one position in health/nursing.


  • 50 percent of the hourly compensation for the intern will be paid by the Neilson Foundation, up to $2,500 per employer.
  • 50 percent of the compensation will be paid by the business.
  • Business needs to be within 30 miles of Bemidji city limits.
  • Businesses must be private/for-profit. All non-profit organizations are encouraged to contact the Neilson Foundation.

Non Profit Internship Scholarship Opportunity

BSU seniors who plan to complete a human services-related internship in Greater Minnesota are eligible to apply for this scholarship award of $1,000.    The internship site must be a non-profit 501(c)(3) or tribal agency. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 in their major and be of senior status, having completed 90 or more credits.  Complete the Non Profit Scholarship Application here.

Employer’s Toolkit

Employers find out about the benefits of having a student intern, and get the information you need to offer an internship.