Seize Opportunities With Handshake

You’ve chosen your field and done your homework, literally and figuratively. Your resume’s polished, you’ve practiced some mock questions and your interview outfit’s ready to go — now, it’s time to market your strengths and launch a successful job search.

This is the moment you’ve been working toward over the past four years, the chance to show off all you’ve learned in and outside of the classroom and the strengths you have to offer a prospective employer.

Research potential employers and develop a thorough list of prospects through Handshake. Take advantage of every interviewing opportunity you can through practice interviews and events like the BSU-NTC Job & Internship Fair and the MN Education Job Fair.


  • Log in to your MyBSU Account
  • Select the Handshake icon in the Student Resources section
  • Select Student Access Button (don’t enter your email) and enter your Star ID + password
  • Complete your profile
  • Upload your resume (optional for job search)
  • Discover:
    • Full & Part-Time Jobs & Internships
    • Career Fairs & Events
    • On-Campus Jobs

Step-by-Step Guides

Video Tutorials

How to schedule an appointment with Career Services

On-Campus Employment

Step by Step guide to search for on campus jobs in Handshake

On-Campus Student Employment Supervisors

How to post a job in Handshake

Handshake Help Center for Employers


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