Discovering the path to your future career begins the day you enter college. Every experience you have at BSU will shape the professional you become. Career Services is here to enhance your career development and help create a career path that’s perfect for you.

We can help you begin your academic journey by helping you choose your major. Not only that — Career Services will provide you valuable information about career outlooks and possible career paths of your prospective majors.

What Will Your Path to Success Be

Many roads lead to successful outcomes — but the journey you take will be unique to you. Over the next few years, we’ll provide you with the resources and support you need to get to where you want to go.

I’m Just Getting Started

Empty road with fall trees overheadWe all start somewhere! Maybe you just graduated from high school and think that two or three majors sound interesting. (Okay, maybe four or five…) Or you might have completed some of your requirements and want to know, “What next?” We’re here to help you follow your passions and make informed choices about what you need to do to succeed after BSU.

Choose Your Major

Halfway There

Two Bemidji State students walking through evergreen forestYou’re a sophomore or junior. (Or a really eager first-year.) You’ve created a degree plan with your academic adviser, but you’re curious about getting real world experience. How do you get an internship? What kinds of skills do you need to be career ready?

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Career, Here I Come

Two Bemidji State college students walking down a dirt path in the parkYour schedule is packed with capstones and projects and advanced seminars. You have a resume (but it could use a bit of work.) You have some experience — maybe most of it is academic, with an internship or some work study peppered in. How do you translate all the skills and knowledge you’ve earned into a 300-word cover letter? How do you apply for a job? And where do you find one, anyway?

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Get in Touch

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Let the Career Services staff help point you in the right career direction!

Call our office at (218) 755-2038 or schedule an appointment through Handshake.

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