Videos and Webinars

Each of these resources is outstanding and in-depth for students, graduates and mid-career professionals. They cover some of the same subjects, so check them all out and gain lots of great advice and perspectives.

bsu workshop PRESENTATIONS

These are Prezi slideshow presentations used in BSU Career Services workshops:

Resume 101 Intro to Cover Letters
Networking 101 Art of Interviewing Job Search Skills is a rich source of up-to-date online videos about featured companies, types of jobs that match your major, how to apply for jobs, how to build your personal brand, how to get the most out of LinkedIn and much more.

Watch Career Profile example: Health care consultant>
  • Get Hired: Watch short videos on such topics as interviewing, career advancement and dressing for success.
  • Companies: Visit the websites of dozens of companies and view their posted jobs.
  • Career Profiles: Watch real people from a variety of career fields talk about their own jobs and career paths.


Watch the InterviewStream overview video>

InterviewStream is a web-based interview program that simulates a “real” interview. Registering as an InterviewStream user allows you to practice and record yourself interviewing — whether just to get better or to prepare for an upcoming internship, job or graduate school interview You can use your the video camera on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Visit the App store or Google Play.

You can watch your practice interviews and continually improve your responses and how you deliver them. You can even share your practice interviews with others for their feedback.

InterviewStream also contains short videos and webinars on the most likely (and important) interview questions, interviewing tips and advice on everything from how to research an employer in advance and common interviewing mistakes. Register now.