The physical education B.S. program is for students who wish to be licensed physical education teachers in K-12 schools.

The Physical Education Teacher Licensure Program is designed to meet the teaching licensure requirements of the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) and is guided by the National Physical Education Standards.

Hands-on learning is at the core of your educational experience. You’ll learn from professionals in the field and experience teaching in real-world situations. The five methods courses focus on content and pedagogy in dance and rhythm, elementary physical education, team sports, individual sports and fitness activities. You’ll engage in multiple field experiences that include observation, tutoring and teaching. Program completion requirements include 16 weeks of student teaching. Our program provides you with a diversity of experiences and the chance to develop a varied skill set that will increase your career options.

Physical Education Teacher Licensures

Pursuing a dual license in both physical education and health education will offer you a wide range of teaching options and maximize your employment potential.

Our program provides opportunities to gain a diverse and varied set of skills, experiences and credentials. You may choose to pursue teacher licensure majors in health education and physical education to open the door to more teaching options. We also offer a certificate program in coaching. Working together with your faculty advisor, you will plan your academic career to ensure that you will have the background and experiences that best fit your career goals.

DAPE Minor/Licensure for PE majors

Pursuing a DAPE minor or an addition to an existing license provides further career options.

For more information about the courses in this program, check out the course catalog.

Degrees in Action

Community health majors from Bemidji State go on to do some incredible things with their degrees.

Reilly FawcettAttending BSU truly was the “best decision ever.” I was completely undecided on my career path my freshman year until I had discussions with Dr. Shannon Norman and Dr. Amber Fryklund. They shared their experiences throughout their educational path’s and that’s when I knew I wanted to become a teacher and coach. Every professor in Human Performance, Sport & Health does more than just teach. They share their experiences, relationships and go above and beyond to mentor students their students in the best way possible.

Being a DI Women’s Hockey player for the BSU Women’s Hockey team meant that I was extremely busy training, practicing and traveling to games. The BSU and HPSH professors were flexible with my hockey schedule but held me accountable for all my coursework. I have learned how to communicate effectively, manage my time and balance my personal life through these experiences.

— Reilly Fawcett, Health and Physical Education B.S.

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Macayla BraunThe Health and Physical Education Program at BSU absolutely prepared me for my current teaching job. If it wasn’t for the awesome professors, I don’t think I would know what I do today. The program’s classes are specifically catered to our major and designed to feel confident and ready to go into your own classroom and start teaching. I felt very prepared for my first year as a teacher and I owe it all to the Health and Physical Education program and my professors.

Get involved in everything you can! I would not be where I am today if I did not get involved with my state and national organizations, become a member of my major’s club and went to conferences and conventions as an undergrad. The more experiences you have, the better your resume looks!

— Macayla Brown, Health and Physical Education B.S.

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Nicollet Gammon-DeeringDuring my time at Bemidji State, I was Social Media Manager, Vice President and eventually worked my way up to the President of Health, Sport, Exercise Majors Club. HPSH department holds some of the very best professors. I could never express how thankful I am for HPSH department and the HPSH professors. They have pushed me to become the best version of myself.

In my current position, I find the connections/friendships I make with my students to be the most rewarding aspect.  My professors at Bemidji State chose to create a meaningful connection with me throughout my time at Bemidji State. They chose to invest in me and foster a positive relationship with me. These relationships taught me how to make connections and positive relationships with my future students.

— Nicollet Gammon-Deering, Health and Physical Education B.S.

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Contact Information

Dr. Jim White, Chair
Department of Human Performance, Sport & Health
Phone: (218) 755-2766
Location: PE 223

Dr. Amber Fryklund
Department of Human Performance, Sport & Health
Phone: (218) 755-2771
Location: PE 214