Even as a distance learning student at Bemidji State University, you have access to many of the same services as students who are taking courses on campus, from financial aid to library access.
PEDL (FasTrack & DLiTE) Teacher Candidate Handbook

Technical Support

Technical support is provided for online student through the BSU HelpDesk. Call (218) 755-4207 or email studenthelp@bemidjistate.edu.

Education Minnesota Membership

Contact the Education Minnesota Student Program Representative to apply for a membership which is also your link to insurance.

Candace Lilyquist: (800) 422-0528, clilyquist@educationminnesota.org
Dan Rivera: (800) 622-8363, drivera@educationminnesota.org
Wanda Cone: (800) 652-9073, wcone@educationminnesota.org

S&L By Watermark

Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) by Watermark is an online tool used by Professional Education students and faculty to manage program data. Each student enrolled in a course with SL&L requirements is provided a subscription to SL&L. New accounts are created during the THIRD WEEK OF CLASSES of every semester. Students maintain this subscription for the duration of their time at BSU.

SL&L Login Page


Licensing is the most important part of the teaching process and this page outlines the requirements and differences between all teachers licenses.


BSU’s Student Success Center is your first stop if you are wishing to improve your academic skills and excel in your classes. Services include academic advising and tutoring, peer tutoring and additional resources. The center is located at Decker Hall 202.


The Minnesota State system has updated the online tutoring service available to our students. We are now partnering with Tutor.com to offer 24/7 online tutoring, which will connect students with an expert tutor for extra assistance one-on-one. Online tutoring services can be accessed through the main page in D2L and your course page, by clicking on the tutor.com link, located in the “HelpLinks” menu.

All students will receive 15 hours of tutoring at no cost. Tutoring services cover a variety of subject areas including math, writing, accounting, economics, biology, languages and nursing. Additional time may be purchased by students directly through tutor.com.

Library & Services

The A.C. Clark Library at Bemidji State University delivers study-related materials to distance learners who reside 30 or more miles from campus or need delivery because of permanent or temporary disability. Non-returnable items like journal articles and book chapters will be delivered electronically to distance learners. Returnable items such as books, videos or DVDs are delivered at the BSU Library’s expense and returned to the BSU Library at the expense of the distance learner.

Complete information and the application form for this special service are available at “Service for Distance Learners” on the BSU Library’s home page.


Reference Desk: (800) 860-0234

Ready Reference provides comprehensive coverage of an international range of English-language periodicals, monographs and yearbooks. Includes indexing, abstracts and full text of articles cover to cover, from hundreds of education-related journals.

Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center offers paper reviews before you submit them.

The Minnesota Indian Teacher Training Program (MITTP)

This program provides scholarship dollars to be used towards tuition, a book allowance, a living stipend as well as mentoring with American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) Staff and other American Indian Educators. Review the MITTP Flyer for eligibility information and AIRC staff contact information.

Center for Extended Learning

Center for Extended Learning also offers several more unique resources to ensure student success.

Counseling Services

Counseling services can be accessed online by any student. Fall/Spring hours are Monday – Friday 9-4pm (Closed from 12-1pm).