Emotional and Physical Health Committee

The purpose of the Emotional and Physical Health Committee is to address the safety and well-being of all students and to promote a safe campus learning environment. The Emotional and Physical Health Committee investigates concerning behaviors, gathers further information from campus resources and works to develop a course of action that will best suit the student’s needs and those of the University community.

Behavioral Report

Under certain behavioral conditions, as outlined in the “Student Handbook”, students may be referred through the University Emotional and Physical Health review process.

University members who encounter student behaviors that pose a health and/or safety threat to themselves or others, indicate an inability to cope psychologically with the demands of university life, or create a pattern of extreme or ongoing disruption are encouraged to complete the Behavioral Report and forward it to: Vice President for Student Life and Success, Office of Student Life and Success, Deputy Hall 311.

—Any member of University community may refer a student to the process using the Emotion Physical Health Referral Form, (may be accompanied by incident reports or other documentation).

—University Conduct Officer reviews referral documentation.  If behavior meets criteria for review, University Conduct Officer meets with student to explain the Emotional Physical Health process and the student’s due process rights, assess threat & issues, and student’s willingness to voluntarily participate in intervention.  In extreme or repeat situations, the student may be asked to meet with the Emotional Physical Health Review Board.