Pregnant and Parenting Students

Regardless of the student’s situation — married or single, individual or multiple children, alone or with support — BSU is here to help. Bemidji State University recognizes the private nature of a pregnancy and seeks to provide students with confidential and supportive services. Some students choose to utilize on-campus services, while others prefer to access off-campus resources

Can pregnant students continue to live in BSU residence halls? 
Yes. Pregnant students may continue to live in their residence halls. Once the child is born, the on-campus cedar apartments complex is reserved for parenting students.

Is it possible to make arrangements with professors if it necessary to miss class?
Yes. The Vice President for Student Life and Success can assist with this process in a confidential manner. Professors will not be informed of the pregnancy unless the student chooses to tell them.

What is necessary to withdraw from classes?
Some students choose to take a leave of absence for a semester with the intention of returning to the university to resume classes. Other students may choose to withdraw and transfer elsewhere. An academic adviser can help explain the implications of a withdrawal or absence on academic standing. Each academic program has different requirements. A counselor can assist students in preparing to talk with their academic advisers.

After a baby is born, can parenting students take him/her with them to class?
Classes are intended only for adult students. Therefore, it will be necessary to arrange for childcare when parenting students are in class.

Does health insurance cover a parenting student’s child?
Possibly. Most insurance providers allow the insured person to add family members: