Employment and Career Planning

How can my student get a job on campus?
Most on-campus jobs can be found on the Bemidji State website. The jobs are divided by federal work study and non-federal work study. Students can search for jobs, complete an application and upload a resume. We recommend students apply for more than one job and to follow up with the department one week later.

How does BSU help my student get an internship or find a job after graduation?
Bemidji State University’s career services office works closely with faculty and employees to help students gain essential work experience through internships while they are still working on their degree.

While we do not place students into jobs, we do have a database with more than 3,000 employers across the country and around the world. Bemidji State University also has a reciprocity agreement with many career centers and our online database also has a search tool that allows students to look for jobs nationwide.

Career Services helps students develop a job search plan, learn how to network, create quality application materials and interview well. In addition, we offer opportunities throughout the academic year for students to have face-to-face interactions with potential employers.

Career Services
Decker Hall 202
Bemidji State University
1500 Birchmont Dr NE #18
Bemidji, MN 56601-2907
(218) 755-2038

What should my student do if they are having trouble selecting a major or career?
In addition to Bemidji State University’s career services staff, your student’s academic advisor or faculty mentor is here to help. You can also assist your student by encouraging them to get involved on campus Bemidji State University as early as possible in the collegiate career. Participation in campus clubs, co-curricular activities and internships can help your student develop focused career interests.

What if my student no longer likes his/her major?
It is very common for a student to change majors. Encourage your student to make an appointment with an academic advisor as soon as they express doubts or if they express an interest in other areas.

Can I come to the career fair or other career service events at Bemidji State University?
While we understand that families have a genuine interest in their students’ lives, your presence at these events may undermine your student’s career development process and the impression he or she makes to potential employers. Lend moral support, but do it from home.