Case Management

College Case Management coordinates intervention and support efforts across campus and community service systems to assist students who are experiencing life stressors and barriers that impeded success. The Social Work Care Manager utilizes a solution focused approach to assist students with a wide variety of needs. Focus is concentrated on “what is” and “what can be done.” Whether you know what service you are looking for or just know what struggles you have been experiencing please reach out and the Social Work Care Manager will guide you to appropriate resources.

Counseling Services

The Student Center for Health & Counseling promotes inclusive healthcare to our diverse student population for members of all backgrounds and identities via a variety of medical, mental health, case management and health promotion services.

Medical Services

We invest in BSU students’ success and well being by providing high quality physical health, mental health and health and safety promotion services.

Health Education

The Health Education Program strives to help students make wise decisions about their health and wellness.