The Student Center for Health and Counseling serves the campus community using a stepped care model. In short-term counseling issues are addressed over a few sessions in a solution-focused manner. The goal is to enhance emotional regulation, and resiliency in adjusting to the college environment and challenges. Issues vary from person-to-person, so the length of treatment will be determined collaboratively between the therapist and student.

Severe or Chronic Mental Health Concerns

The counseling center can provide support for those with chronic/severe mental health challenges. In this case, the objective of the counseling center staff is to stabilize and improve coping while determining whether more intensive treatment is needed. When long-term treatment or specialized services are needed the therapist will recommend a referral. Referrals are made easier by working with our case manager.

Stepped Care Model

The stepped care model graph shows the escelating level of student in staff involvement from self care, on campus resources, wellbeing workshops, counseling, outpatient refferals and crisis services at the top of the list.Our goal is to connect students with the appropriate level of mental health support. The graph represents several levels of intervention that are available to students. The lowest levels of intervention reflect students who have the ability to actively engage in their well-being autonomously. The highest levels of intervention reflect the need for intense services for those who are not able to engage in steps to enhance their well-being. The graph summarizes the collaborative nature of providing students support and assists in identifying those who are best served on-campus.