Group Counseling

 Student Center for Health & Counseling Groups

45.1% of BSU students report being diagnosed with a mental health condition. Support groups are an effective way to meet others who feel the same way as you and be able to connect and help each other and know that you are not alone.

SCHC offers groups for free for NTC and BSU students. Groups are led by professional staff and vary by semester.  Please contact us for more information and/or if you have an idea for a group.

Spring 2022 Workshops


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Additional Resources

Tracking Anxiety Resources

Building a support network

Mindfulness Resources

Wellness Plan Template Option 1

Wellness Plan Template Option 2

Wellness Plan Template Option 3

Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts & Self Compassion Resources

101 Affirmations


Other groups available upon student interest:

Daring Greatly
Rising Strong
Stress Management
Better Together
Understanding Self & Others