Case Management

What is Case Management? 

College Case Management coordinates intervention and support efforts across campus and community service systems to assist students who are experiencing life stressors and barriers that impeded success. Case Management utilizes a solution focused approach to assist students with a wide variety of needs. Focus is concentrated on “what is” and “what can be done.

What Can Case Management Help Me with? 

  • Connect Students to Campus Resources 
    • What resources are available on campus? 
    • How do I explain to this resource what I need help with?
  •  Community resources  
    • How do I find Medical, Mental or Chemical Health providers? 
    • I don’t understand this paperwork. 
  • I’m moving and need to set up new service providers, how do I find one?  
    • Navigating insurance 
    • I don’t have insurance what do I do?
    • What services are covered by my insurance? What are my co-pays and deductibles? 
    • How do I find an In Network provider?  
  • Problem Solving 
    • What are my options if XYZ happened? 
    • I know what I need to do but I need help creating an action plan. 
    • Advocacy 
    • I need non therapy/medical support while going through this process.