About Counseling

What is Counseling?

Counseling is an interactive and confidential process which provides a safe place to talk about important aspects of your life with an objective, trained professional. Counseling is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, learn how to make healthier decisions, identify your goals, and gain the confidence and life skills to achieve them.

Counseling may also involve services that are more clinically focused, such as the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Other clinical services include coordination with or referral for a medication assessment, or referral for other specialized services, such as AD/HD testing.

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Is Counseling For Me?

The reasons students seek counseling are as varied as the individuals seeking services. Find out some of the common reasons students just like you seek out the help of trained, objective professionals.

What To Expect

Find out step by step what you can expect when you come for counseling, from making your appointment to what to expect from your counselor.


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